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Custom Printed Tents For All Your Outdoor Events

We have custom printed tents for all of your outdoor events, from farmers markets to backyard parties. There are a lot of options for both frames and canopies. Scroll down this page for more information and to view a full comparison chart of all the canopies available. As always you can give us a call and we can help walk you through the process of selecting the right canopy for you

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Frame Materials

We offer a few different frame materials. Each have their benefits. The most cost effective is the steel frame. The steel extrusions use a square profile and a smaller cross sections. If you want to lighten the frame weight then you will want to look at the aluminum frame. These use a hexagonal geometry with a larger cross section for added strength while still keeping the weight down. Then there is the option for heavy duty aluminum. We use a thicker gauge aluminum extrusion with the same hexagonal geometry for increased durability.

Fabric and Graphics

All of our Custom Printed Tents are printed Full Color on a special UV Fabric using our special UV Curing process.

Travel Bags

Our canopies are great for many different outdoor events including farmers markets and festivals, however it is important that you can transport your canopy without it getting ruined. We have you covered. The steel and aluminum canopies come with our standard nylon travel bag. They are all upgradeable to our Travel Bag with Wheels. The heavy duty aluminum frame comes with our soft carry case with wheels standard. All options can also be upgraded to a hard case with wheels.

It’s Windy Out There...Be Prepared

All of our tents come with stakes and ropes included and you can add water weights or optional sand bags for increased stability.

Hope this information helps with your selection process. Remember to look at accessories like Lighting and Hard Travel Cases. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us in the form above or call us at (866) 398-5938!

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