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10x10’ TRIGA Packages

For those exhibitors who have have to maximize the usage out of the standard 10x10’ booth space, the TRIGA package that matches this square footage would be a perfect solution to your trade show needs. The TRIGA system as a whole is definitely worth the investment due to the highly modular nature and versatility, and this package comes with all that you could possibly need to get started in your exhibition space. Not only will it work perfectly in the 10x10’ space as previously mentioned, but with some creative tweaks this TRIGA package can also be used within slightly larger booths as well. Below are some of the highlighted benefits and features of these 10x10’ TRIGA packages.

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Benefits to using TRIGA for 10x10 Booth Spaces

The TRIGA package meant for 10x10’ booth spaces will fill that need and then some. With how modular the TRIGA system truly is, it can be mixed and matched to suit a variety of square footage needs. Simply use your imagination and create vibrant and interesting configurations with your TRIGA displays. While the TRIGA system is one of the most versatile on the market today, that does not mean it sacrifices quality to provide you with these benefits. The TRIGA system is all made from lightweight, sturdy aluminum. In addition, having all of your displays match in style and brand creates a much needed uniformity within your booth space. This is something consumers and trade show attendees will notice subconsciously. Having a modern and professional booth space can be a vital component to a successful trade show, and the TRIGA packages make it that much easier to achieve with a consistent frame system across all displays. When it comes to simplicity, the TRIGA system is tough to beat out. Setting up your displays is simple with the TRIGA’s toolless system. Just snap the pieces together and you are all set. In fact, the TRIGA system is so easy to assemble, you will most likely not have to hire any additional on-site labor to aid you. Some exhibitors even do it all themselves. In this way, the TRIGA system, while an investment, can start saving you money and cutting costs in other areas as time goes by. On top of labor costs, investing in the TRIGA package will have you not renting expensive exhibits anymore. Instead, you can focus on how to maximize your TRIGA package to best showcase your company or brand’s image. Speaking of which, keeping the graphics on all of the display signage up to date is a breeze to do. This will allow you to not only properly reflect your brand as it evolves over time, but allow you to have back ups just in case. In short, the benefits of the TRIGA system are vast, and the pros start adding up extremely quickly as you are utilizing the system at more and more trade shows.

10x10’ TRIGA Package Features and Options

With as many components and different arrangements as the 10x10’ TRIGA package has, it only makes sense that the amount of features and options mirrors this as well. The TRIGA back wall display can perfectly fit the space of a 10 foot wide by 8 foot tall booth. In addition, you can easily use more TRIGA system materials to add on to the back wall and increase the length by an additional 10 feet! Side walls are also another usage for this kind of display. Adding side walls can not only add extra branding to your booth, but also help enclose it depending on the location and arrangement. This can create a more cozy as well as a more intimate space for you to interact with other trade show patrons who come to your booth. The podiums and counters of the TRIGA system can also be placed wherever you see fit. Whether you want to make your booth into more of a retail space or want to have more of an open floor plan, the TRIGA system can accommodate your needs with the 2x2’ podiums, 4x2’ counters, and more. The fact that the TRIGA system allows for this level of customizability shows just how worth it truly is. Not many display systems have this much modularity so easily built in.


In short, the TRIGA system is not just an excellent system for those craving to stretch their creative muscles and play around with the customizability of the system, but it also works wonders in the standard 10x10’ space in which exhibitors are so used to showcasing. The TRIGA system is even better when it comes in a neat, organized package, so you know exactly what parts you will be getting to either kick off your trade show journey or upgrade your hardware if you are a seasoned veteran looking for a new sleek look. If you have further questions about the TRIGA system, this specific package, or just want to talk to someone about ordering your TRIGA package for a 10x10’ booth space, please contact us at 866-398-5938.

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