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10x20’ TRIGA Packages

While a slightly less common booth size then the standard 10x10’, 10x20’ booth sizes can be an option or a necessity you will cross paths with one day in the trade show exhibition world. TRIGA displays are an excellent solution to this uncommon booth space due to it’s vast modular nature. In fact, the TRIGA display system is so versatile that it can be used for both of the above mentioned booth sizes with a lot of overlap in the parts needed to fill the space. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about different setups with different signage depending on the square footage of the space you get. With the TRIGA display system, it can truly work for any and all situations.

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Benefits to using TRIGA for 10x20’ Booth Spaces

As previously discussed, the TRIGA display system comes packed with a wide variety of benefits for all spaces it can be used is. Modularity, versatility, and simplicity are all key aspects of the TRIGA display system, and for good reason. Given how customizable it is, your TRIGA frame system for the 10x20’ back wall can easily be converted to fit the more commonly seen 10x10’ space. With it’s legendary toolless system, the TRIGA display system can be quickly assembled and deconstructed by a minimum number of people, thus saving you money on hiring on-site labor. With the packages available for the 10x20’ booth space, you can utilize the TRIGA towers, counters, and back walls to create unique booth configurations that are only limited by your creativity and your imagination. With the TRIGA display system, you can plan for any scenario that arises and have the materials necessary to turn your trade show booth into a memorable and eye-catching area to inform patrons of your company or brand.

10x20’ TRIGA Package Features and Options

It cannot be overstated how versatile the TRIGA display system truly is. This holds true for the 10x20’ booth space as well. With this kind of package, you can plan and design an optimal set up for a 10x20’ corner, penninsula, or inline booth space. It does not matter what kind of area you will have, the TRIGA display system can handle anything thrown at it in terms of forcing it to adapt. By reconfiguring your towers, back walls, and even making side walls, you can direct the flow of patrons and give your booth space the unique atmosphere and feel that most closely identifies with your brand or company. As your image grows, so too should your display signage reflect this natural evolution. Ordering and reordering graphics for TRIGA signage is simple and effortless to match the current state of your presentation. Furthermore, numerous add-ons are available to enhance your design and bring your specialty to the forefront. Add shelving to the walls, TV monitors, additional counters, and so much more. Finally, by purchasing a package such as this one, you are achieving consistent branding across all displays. The classic TRIGA look is one of modern professionalism and is a theme that will echo throughout your new booth.


Considering how strange the 10x20’ spaces can be with all of its different potential layouts like inline or peninsula, a display system that can not only meet but exceed the necessary requirements for modularity is crucial. Fortunately, the TRIGA display system has that and more. Boasting a toolless assembly, lightweight yet sturdy aluminum parts, and the ability to purchase different configuration packages, the TRIGA display system is ideal for those looking to be able to adapt to any trade show booth space, no matter what the size or shape. If you want to learn more about the TRIGA system or talk to someone about the long term benefits of such a display system, do not hesitate to contact us at 866-398-5938.

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