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20x20’ TRIGA Packages

If you are one of those exhibitors who has upgraded their booth space to showcase at a trade show within the coveted 20x20’ space, then this package could be right up your alley. With this TRIGA display system package, not only will you be prepared to have your brand displayed on one of the most versatile systems on the market to date, but you will also have plenty of freedom to get creative with your aforementioned space. A larger space means more details to plan out, but with this TRIGA display system package, it’s like putting together a children’s puzzle.

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Benefits: to using TRIGA for 20x20’ or larger Booth Spaces

With a 20x20’ TRIGA display system, you are giving yourself the freedom and materials necessary to really bring your ideal vision to life within the confines of your trade show booth space. The varying packages come with numerous signage that you can mix and match as you please. Whether you want cross walls, counters, circle towers, benches, or even TV towers, these TRIGA display system packages have it all. On top of purchasing a complete package in which the system is uniquely effortless, you are also getting the piece of mind of knowing for certain that all your displays will be amplified by consistent branding across the board. With all of your signage by the same manufacturer in the same display system, your booth will have that modern, sleek, and professionally clean look which is so sought after nowadays. The 20x20’ TRIGA display system package also has enough bits and pieces for you to get thinking about how to remix your booth space arrangement as well. Just because a package is laid out a certain way, does not mean you have to follow the status quo. Depending on what your objectives are when laying out your booth space, use the TRIGA system to create changing rooms, meeting rooms, and so much more. In addition, you can use all the hardware in any of these packages for smaller booth spaces as well, giving you even more creative options to choose from. The TRIGA display system is well known for its modularity and portability, and these 20x20’ packages are no exception. With the TRIGA display system being constructed of lightweight, durable aluminum made in the United States of America, you can avoid paying expensive drayage fees and other shipping costs with this kind of signage hardware.

20x20’ or larger TRIGA Package Features and Options

The TRIGA display system is well known for being a simple and versatile display system, and many of it’s features only serve to amplify that point. The TRIGA display system is completely toolless, meaning that you will not have to worry about a unique tool at your home or office. All of the durable pieces snap together with ease, so having yourself or a small handful of people assemble the signage is quick and easy. This will save you on numerous on-site labor costs in the long run. The TRIGA system is lightweight enough that it also ship standard with UPS or FedEx, cutting down on the high shipping costs you might already be accustomed to. By having a large TRIGA display system package like this one that can accommodate a 20x20’ space and then some, you are also potentially investing in the signage hardware for the common 10x10’ booth space as well as the 10x20’ space. While these 20x20’ packages are indeed an investment, it it setting you up to succeed on multiple exhibition fronts. Graphics for the TRIGA display system are easy to both update as well as reorder to reflect the changes to your company’s image or current branding goals. If you are looking to get even more creative, add-ons are readily available for your TRIGA display system. Whether it’s extra lighting to highlight key products or areas, shelving to display promotional items or showcase products, or even TV monitors to add a new element to your booth, the TRIGA display system can accommodate and execute all of your needs that are as unique as your company is.


The TRIGA system, especially when purchased as a package such as this one, only serves to amplify the 20x20’ booth space. Between the vast customizability and versatility, those who like to keep each trade show layout just a little bit different now has the freedom to do so. Whether you are looking to expand your repertoire of display signage or are looking to get into the arena, the TRIGA display system packages are a great way to accomplish either goal. If you want to inquire more about these packages, learn more about the TRIGA system, or order your signage today, please contact us at 866-398-5938.

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