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Backlit Lumiere Displays

Lumiere Backlit Wall Displays have an advantage above its other backlit signage kin for a variety of reasons. While traditionally, backlit trade show displays have been quite the hassle for the payoff, Lumiere Backlit Wall Displays makes it simple to have a backlit display that you can count on, without breaking your marketing budget trying to accommodate it. If you have second guessed yourself when it came to pulling the trigger and purchasing a backlit wall display due to price, effort of assembly, or any other reason, the Lumiere Backlit Wall Displays can put your mind at ease with it’s reasonable price point as well as a reduced setup time and ease that will make you wish you got this signage sooner.

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Benefits of Backlit Lumiere Displays

As previously mentioned, the benefits of the Lumiere Backlit Wall Displays are vast. On the top of everyone’s list, though, is the price point. While some have not added a backlit wall display to their arsenal of signage simply because of budgetary restrictions, the Lumiere Backlit Wall Displays puts that worry to bed. Why? The Lumiere Backlit Wall Displays will save you money over other backlit wall displays since it is the least expensive backlit wall on the market today. Previous systems have been unaffordable for many trade show exhibitors, but Lumiere Backlit Wall Displays are turning against that stereotype by not only being cost effective but also having the added bonus of simple setup and teardown. The Lumiere Backlit Wall Displays boast the quality of the SEG frame system with the simplicity of a pop up. This accordion-style frame requires little effort at all to erect. By adding the SEG Graphic Rails, you are ensuring that your UV backlit fabric graphics will be crisp and smooth. All that is left is to plug in the transformer and set up the LED Ladder Lights, and you are all set with a display that will glow, acting as a beacon to trade show patrons to come and examine your booth more closely. While it depends on the how large your Lumiere Backlit Wall Display is, this brand of signage does advertise an estimated maximum setup time of approximately 35 minutes for the larger sizes. The smaller sizes can be put together in as little as 5 to 10 minutes without breaking a sweat.

Since the dogma of how expensive backlit displays still exist, there does appear to still be a lack of them at a variety of trade shows. By grabbing yourself a Lumiere Backlit Wall Display, you are guaranteeing that you will stand out from your competitors and be quite the sight among the crowd. Backlit walls are an interesting addition to any booth, and have the potential to really attract quite a large following. After setting up your Lumiere Backlit Wall Display and seeing the effects for yourself, you’ll be shocked that you went without one for so long.

Features of Backlit Lumiere Walls

While many of the features that are found in Lumiere Backlit Wall Displays are listed above, there is still plenty to discuss. On top of the fast and simple setup that is exemplified with the SEG frame system, the fabric graphics that are paired with the Lumiere Backlit Wall Displays are UV backlit as well as full colors graphics. When used in conjunction with the LED ladder light system to create that gentle glow, the results equal bright and vibrant colors and high quality images to properly represent your company or brand. The aforementioned LED ladder light system is low power, so when you are ordering electricity for your booth you can estimate your needs accordingly. If you don’t have the option to get your booth wired in or do not wish to incur the extra expense, fear not. Lumiere Backlit Wall Displays can easily be utilized without the lights as a non-backlit display as well. In addition, Lumiere counters are also available to match the style of your Lumiere Backlit Wall Display, creating a seamless, sleek look that will echo throughout your booth.

Ideal Exhibitor

The ideal exhibitor for Lumiere Backlit Wall Displays would, quite simply, be anyone who is in the market for a wall display. Since they can be used with and without the LED ladder light system, it only make sense to invest now and have the option later. Those exhibitors who enjoy the ease of assembling displays on their own will also benefit from Lumiere Backlit Wall Displays.


In short, Lumiere Backlit Wall Displays are an excellent addition to any signage collection simply due to their versatility and simplicity. Having a backlit wall display with the reliability that comes with the SEG frame system coupled with the option to make it literally shine is a slam dunk when it comes to investing in your trade show booth. If you have additional questions about Lumiere Backlit Wall Displays or other Lumiere products, or just want to inquire about ordering yours for your next trade show, feel free to contact us at 866-398-5938.

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