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Trade Show Backlit Counters

We have several Backlit Counters to chose from. While each look amazing as a Lightbox Trade Show Counter when plugged in, there are a few differences why you may finally settle on one over another. To start with I'll explain each counter and then highlight the differences. This will help you find the counter that will work best for your next show or event (continue reading below...)

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EZ Lightbox Counter

The EZ Lightbox Counter is a great portable option that packs down into a small size travel bag and is easy (or EZ!) to set up. The bottom is pre-assembled making it convenient to snap together the remaining vertical legs. Once the legs are attached, the counter is added to the top to secure everything in place. The internal LED Lights simply hang from the hooks under the counter top and are suspended in the middle of the counter so that when everything is plugged in, all 4 sides have that beautiful glow that stands out from your standard non-backlit counter. The graphics are printed on a UV Backlit Fabric which really makes it stand out when plugged in and fit into a groove in the frame with the silicone edge (SEG). When fully installed, the fabric fits nice and tight with a comfortable fit giving it a professional appearance.

Showgoer Lightbox Counter

The Showgoer Lightbox Counter is another excellent portable option. It is very similar to the EZ Lightbox Counter. This option also has the pre-assembled bottom which makes the whole process of putting it together easy. The main differenence between this counter and the EZ Lightbox is that the frame is black. This may be an attractive feature if you prefer a black frame, especially if your artwork is on the dark side. Aside from that, the internal LED Lighting is hung the same way utilizing the Ladder Lights to fill the counter space with light. The graphics are a UV Backlit Fabric with a special coating that makes it bright when plugged in. This counter also has the SEG (silicone edge graphics) where the fabric has a silicone edge that presses into the frame to give it a snug fit with an amazing end result.

SEG Lightbox Counters

The SEG Counters (silicone edge graphics) as mentioned above use the silicone strip around the perimeter of the UV Backlit Fabric Material to fit into the channel on the Counter frame. The main difference is this option has a range of sizes and options to customize the Counters depending on your needs. Feel free to browse the range of products above. These can be made into a 2X2' Podium, 4X2' Counters, 6X2' and beyond. Need a custom size Counter that is backlit? No problem! This is the option for you. If you are looking for a size that is not listed, drop us a line in the contact form above and we will respond to your questions. The other notable difference with these counters is we can use either LED Edge Lighting -or- Ladder Lights. This ads a greater range of options when customizing the counter to fit the customer's needs. Each of these counters is made to order.

Final Word

Please note, that for all of these Lightbox Counters, we do not offer nor recommend a mid-shelf on the inside of the counter. We also don't recommend storing anything on the inside of the counters. The reason is because the light needs to flow freely on the inside and any shelf or item in the way will give off a "shadow effect" and will make the counter look less than desirable. Hope this information has helped shed some light (just kidding!) on the counter options. If you need help with anything, as always feel free to send us a chat, message above or phone call.

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