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Take Your Brand Outside: Custom Advertising Flags

Make this year an Endless Summer and increase your brand’s awareness outside using Custom Printed Flag Banners. This is one of the most affordable ways to effectively reach your audience in an outdoor (or even indoor for that matter) environment. These Advertising Flags are perfect for Dealerships, Races, Concerts and countless other events. Read More Below to learn about the Benefits, Features and other uses for Advertising Flag Banners.

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Benefits of Flag Banners

As marketers we’re always looking to find ways to get our message in front of customers and potential customers. What better way to achieve this goal then at an outdoor event with hundreds or even thousands of people. Virtually anyone that walks by (or near) your printed Flag Banner will notice it since they can reach anywhere from 7ft to 23ft! For dealerships along a road or highway, the potential for thousands of passerbys is too good to pass up. Whether you want to promote a sale, have an announcement or a grand opening, Flag Banners are an extremely effective method that can drive new customers to your location or website.

List of the Types of Events for Flag Banners

Here is a short list of just some of the uses that Custom Advertising Flag Banners are perfect for:

  • - Car/ Truck Dealerships
  • - Race Events
  • - Outdoor Demos
  • - Concerts/ Festivals
  • - Street Fairs
  • - Real Estate Announcements
  • - Retail Business Locations
  • - Trade Shows
  • - Golf Events and much more…

Different Types of Custom Advertising Flags

There are many different types of Printed Flag Banners, but the purpose is all the same: Get Noticed!

There are different models however that may be better suited for your needs such as simple setup, how and where you plan on using it (for example: at the beach -vs- parking lot) and the size of the Flag Banner. Here is an overview of some of the most popular options:

Feather Flag Banners (Also called Bladed Flags)

Feather Flag Banners are our most popular option and are available in roughly 10ft, 15ft, 16.5ft and 20ft tall. Each can be Printed Double-Sided and have either an X-Base for hard surfaces or Spike Bases for grass, dirt or sand. These look great and are super affordable.

Tear Drop Flag Banners

Tear Drop Flag Banners are similar to the printed Bladed Flags but have a different overall shape to them. The Teardrop Flag Banners allow for more surface area on the flag itself for adding logos, images or text. The Teardrop Flags are also available in Double-Sided Print and have the X-Base and Spike Base. The sizes range from roughly 8ft, 11ft, 14.5ft and 15.75ft tall. The set up time is just a few minutes, they are lightweight and also very affordable.

Rectangle Flag Banners

Mondo Flag Banners

We have a few different options for the Rectangle Flag Banners. The first is the Mondo Flag Banner which range from 13ft, 17ft and a whopping 23ft tall! Now that’s a tall sign! The Mondo can be printed on both sides and has a heavy-duty frame with an oversized base for filling with water or sand for extra stability.

Mamba Flag Banners

The next option is the Mamba Flag Banner which is lighter weight and ranges from 10ft, 13.5ft to 16ft tall. These are similar to the Bladed and Teardrop models in that they have the X-Base and Spike Base. These have a nice large space to display your message.

Splash Flag Banners

The Splash Flag Banners are the smallest in the rectangle flag banner series and range from 6ft, 7ft and 8ft tall. These still have a great advertising space to promote your message. The base is a steel plate & pole recommended for Indoor or Outdoor use. The pole height can actually be adjusted from 4ft to 10ft. Choose from Single-Sided or Double-Sided Flag Printing.

Backpack Flag Banners

The last type is the Backpack Flag Banner which is ideal for festivals and events where they can be worn (just like backpacks) and behind you is a small advertisement flag. These are great for promoting that new Grand Opening or Retail location!

Flag Features, Features, Features

As detailed above in the different Advertising Flag Options, each product has it’s own unique set of features that should help narrow down the Custom Printed Flag that’s right for you. Here is a list of the options to consider:

Single-Sided -vs- Double-Sided

Most of our options can be printed on boths sides. If you do select the Double-Sided Print option we stitch a blockout liner in the middle of the two printed sides so they won’t be see-through.

Types of Bases

The type of base you chose will determine whether it can be used for Indoor purposes or Outdoor purposes.


The X-Base is used for hard surfaces for Indoor or Outdoor (for example pavement). Keep in mind we offer a fillable Water Bag for select Flag Banners to use with the X-Stands that help keep weight on the base which can be helpful with semi-windy conditions.

Spike Base

If you have dirt, grass or windy conditions or sand, you will want a Spike Base that stakes into the ground. This is a sturdy way to keep you flag in place.

Water/ Sand Base

For some of our Over-Sized Flag Banners like the Mondo, the sand/ water base provides a great way to add stability for the taller Flag Banners.


With tons of options to chose from, please feel free to reach out to us to find the best fit for your next event. Feel free to Call, Send Us a Message above or find us on Chat. We look forward to hearing from you!

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