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Double-Sided Retractable Banner Stands

While retractable banner stands have always been a popular buy due to their convenience and large full color graphics, double-sided retractable banner stands simply serve to multiply the benefits of banner stands overall. The double-sided feature is especially useful for those exhibitors who will be placing their double-sided retractable banner stand in a location with high foot traffic as well as a place where patrons will or can walk around the entire banner stand. Purchasing a double-sided retractable banner stand ensures that no matter where the customers are located within your booth, your message will be visible. Double-sided retractable banner stands keep all of your angles covered.


Double-Sided Banner Stand Benefits

Double-sided retractable banner stand are constantly being requested and ordered, and a common misconception about double-sided retractable banner stand is that you are getting a single banner printed on both sides like a page in a book. However, this is not how double-sided retractable banner stands are produced, and our process actually helps you out in the long run. Instead of having one banner printed on both sides, our double-sided retractable banner stands are actually two separate graphics which are installed opposite each other within the hardware. While this means that there are more parts to keep track of, updating your double-sided retractable banner stand is much more simple and easier. This method of dual-banners also means that as an exhibitor, you can choose to update one side at a time as you see fit, and position these different banners accordingly to suit your trade show booth’s needs. In addition, you can have different marketing messages on either side of the double-sided retractable banner stand to highlight different features of your company or brand from multiple angles.

Double-sided retractable banner stands are a must have for exhibitors with larger booth spaces such as 20x20’. Since there will be plenty of walking traffic within a booth of this square footage, making sure your banner stand, as well as most of your display signage for that matter, looks nice from all directions is a vital element to your trade show experience. Instead of having an empty side to your banner stand when viewed from behind, consider purchasing a double-sided retractable banner stand to not only cure this issue of appearance but also double your marketing space on the banner stand itself.


While double-sided retractable banner stands are a great purchase for exhibitors with larger booth spaces, they can easily be of use in standard booth spaces as well. The double-sided retractable banner stands boast longevity, quality, and excellent graphics in an amazing package. With a foam-padded carrying bag included, it is no wonder that more and more exhibitor are purchasing double-sided retractable banner stands as one of their signage models of choice. If you have additional questions about double-sided retractable banner stands or are simply looking to purchase yours today, do not hesitate to contact us at 866-398-5938.

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