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Ez Extend Displays

EZ extend displays are an excellent way to have unique signage scattered throughout your booth or on the outskirts to attract more business your way. They are gorgeous free standing displays that combine the clean professional look of fabric graphics with solid portability as well as customization options that make EZ extend displays a welcomed addition to any exhibitor’s signage collection. With a range of heights and widths (2ft, 3ft, 4ft & 5ft) to choose from, EZ extend displays can easily be accommodated within your next trade show booth. (Scroll down to continue reading more…)

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As previously mentioned, EZ extend displays are very portable. The lightweight frame means that transporting this kind of signage will be a breeze, whether you are packing it up and driving it to your next exhibition or shipping it via UPS or FedEx. This aluminum frame is also incredibly easy to set up, and as an added benefit also requires no special tools at all to complete this process. Additional fabric graphics are simple to reorder, and can be easily installed on the EZ extend displays by pulling the graphic over the frame until the graphic is taut, zipping up the graphic, and then you are ready to display your company or brand! If you are an exhibitor that already owns signage such as other EZ tube displays, EZ back walls, or EZ counters, then EZ extend displays can precisely match the other members of this family. Having uniform signage, in terms of styles such as these, creates an excellent uniform presence that is sure to impress trade show attendees and other trade show exhibitors alike.


EZ extend displays boast a wide range of features that make them solid purchases for any marketing strategy. On top of the portability listed above, EZ extend displays has full color fabric graphics that can be produced either single sided or double sided, depending on your specific marketing needs. EZ extend displays are free standing displays, and as such it is recommended to go with the double sided printing option for the fabric graphic if the display itself is not up against a wall or some other structure. The lack of tools for EZ extend displays translates into a tube snap system, which is simple to both assemble as well as deconstruct. Simply snap all of the individual tubes together to create the framework for the EZ extend display. If you want to spice up your EZ extend display to make it a bit more unique, there are a variety of options available for you as well. Utilize LED lights in strategic locations to highlight either the free standing display itself or to amplify specific information printed on the display. In addition, a soft travel bag with wheels is available to make transporting your EZ extend displays easier as well as keep it protected during its journey to your next successful trade show.

Ideal Exhibitor

The quintessential exhibitor for EZ extend displays would be someone who is in the market for a high quality, free standing fabric display. If portability as well as ease of assembly and disassembly are major factors you are considering when looking into free standing and/or fabric displays, then EZ extend displays are most likely the products you are looking for. If you are a seasoned exhibitor or a booth organizer that already has EZ counters as well as EZ back walls in your signage arsenal, then EZ extend displays would make a useful and welcome addition to your marketing collection.


EZ extend displays work on a variety of levels and can easily adapt to any trade show marketing strategy one may have. Whether you are well versed in the EZ line of signage such as EZ counters or EZ back walls or are merely seeking your first or addition free standing displays, EZ extend displays are the pinnacle of quality. With their lightweight aluminum frame and high quality fabric graphics, EZ extend displays are sure to stand out and attract patrons to your booth’s threshold. If you wish to inquire further about how to order EZ extend displays or have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us at 866-398-5938.

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