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EZ-Tube Displays

EZ-Tube displays are quickly becoming the most popular kind of display on the market due to a plethora of reasons. For one, the versatility and customizability is virtually unmatched when it comes to simple displays. EZ-Tube displays are incredibly easy to set up, tear down, and can be used as a unique back wall option. In addition, EZ-Tube displays come in a massive amount of options, shapes, and sizes which can allow you to tailor-make EZ-Tube displays as you see fit for your specific brand’s image and booth’s needs. EZ-Tube displays can be paired with matching counters to ensure professionalism in the uniformity of your trade show booth, making your next exhibition one to truly remember with how much attention you will receive.

Benefits of EZ Tube Displays

EZ-Tube displays have a great number of benefits for anyone attending small or large trade shows. As previously stated, EZ-Tube displays come in many sizes and shapes to please all exhibitioners and ensure that your booth is exactly what you envisioned for it to be. The aforementioned simple setup (click for video) is a huge advantage for many who purchase this product as well. The push-pin aluminum frame requires no necessary tools or gadgets to assemble. Simply snap all of the tubes together, slide the graphic over the frame, and you are all set to display! This simple setup not only saves you time, but also money since you do not have to go through the effort of purchasing separate tools, paying the convention center for additional labor costs, or shipping said tools to the trade show if you happen to be traveling. If you do happen to be traveling to your trade shows, you will be glad to note that EZ-Tube displays are easy to ship and the aluminum frame lends itself to be naturally lightweight. So if you are required to ship your EZ-Tube displays, the fact that is indeed lightweight can save you even more money on shipping when compared to other large display models on the market. When it comes to the graphics for EZ-Tube displays, you can be guaranteed that your message will not be missed. The size of many of these displays gets your message or brand out there. In addition, the size factor of EZ-Tube displays makes it an excellent low-cost option for single-sided or double-sided back walls as well as counters. If you need to purchase new graphics for your EZ-Tube displays, they are simple and painless to reorder as well.

Features of EZ Tube Displays

EZ-Tube displays, as discussed above, are truly versatile and long-lasting products that can act as standard signage for many trade shows to come. The push-pin aluminum frame makes setup and teardown incredibly simple and efficient, allowing you to focus on the smaller details of your booth before patrons arrive. In addition to the simplistic setup of the frame itself, the graphics for EZ-Tube displays are produced in a “pillowcase” style. All it takes is to slide the graphic of the frame, pull on the edges to ensure the graphic is adequately taut, zip it up, and you are all set to go. All of our EZ-Tube displays come included with a travel bag to make transportation to and from the event simple and organized. The bag comes with wheels as well. If you wish to add additional products to your EZ-Tube displays, LED clamp lights are an excellent choice to consider. They act as excellent spotlights to highlight specific sections on your graphic, or you can use multiple LED lights to create a shining pillar of signage which can illuminate your booth and act as an eye catching beacon for people passing by, drawing them in like curious moths to a small flame.

Ideal Exhibitors for EZ Tube Displays

In theory, EZ-Tube displays are so customizable, user friendly, and versatile, that they can work as a part of any exhibitor’s signage arsonal. However, there are a few people who might find that EZ-Tube displays are truly the products for them. EZ-Tube displays are best suited for 10 foot by 10 foot as well as 10 foot by 20 foot spaces or larger, given the large size of these kinds of displays. Since EZ-Tube displays are simple to set up, those have a more “do it yourself” attitude about such tasks might find that EZ-Tube displays are within their wheelhouse. If you are one who attends numerous trade shows, whether it is local, regional, or international, EZ-Tube displays are excellent for you as well. The included travel case and lightweight design of the aluminum frame makes travelling with this product or shipping it simple as well as cost-effective. Overall, EZ-Tube displays can find a place within any collection of a typical trade show exhibitor’s signage if he or she chooses.


EZ-Tube displays are a well regarded product and becoming very popular, and for good reason. The lightweight design of the push-pin aluminum frame system, simplistic setup of both the frame and the partnered graphic, and the sheer amount of ways in which one can utilize EZ-Tube displays make them products worth adding to your next trade show convention. If you have any additional questions regarding EZ-Tube displays or wish to talk to someone to discuss ordering them, feel free to contact us at 866-398-5938.

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