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Adding a tower of some kind to your trade show booth can serve your space in a very positive way. Utilizing your square footage optimally is pivotal, and having towers makes use of vertical space rather than precious horizontal space. In this way, you're maximizing your marketing surfaces and are able to use floor space for vital display signage items such as counters and the like. With EZ Tube Tower Displays, now you can finally add a tower display to your signage collection. With availability in a variety of shapes and sizes, EZ Tube Tower Displays boast simple setup as well as a low cost to purchase. EZ Tube Tower Displays also exude quality and portability, ensuring that you will be able to use EZ Tube Tower Displays in a plethora of your trade shows now and in the future.

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Advantages of the EZ Tube Towers

EZ Tube Tower Displays come with numerous advantages to other tower display signage. When it comes to set up as well as portability, EZ Tube Tower Displays is the epitome of simplicity in these aspects. The push-pin tube frame system is as simple as a children’s toy, and can be done by a single person easily. Furthermore, this renowned push-pin tube frame system requires no additional tools or gadgets, which means there is one less object for you to remember as you are gearing up to attend the trade show. After the sturdy frame is all snapped together, the only step left to do is pull the fabric graphic over the frame until taut, and voila! Your EZ Tube Tower Display is assembled and ready to be seen by the masses.

Features of the EZ Tube Tower

EZ Tube Tower Displays come with a wide variety of features that amplify their success in the tower signage marketplace. The variety of aforementioned shapes and sizes can fit any trade show booth, with four sided quad towers and cylinders ranging from 8 to 10 feet as well as single and double sided circular options with 5 and 7 foot diameters. In this way, you have plenty to think about and choose from when picking out the tower display that best conforms to your booth layout plan. As previously discussed, the push-pin tube frame system makes EZ Tube Tower Displays simple and easy to setup as well as tear down at the end of the day, and the lack of necessary tools only serves to drive that simple nature home. The fabric graphic that comes with your EZ Tube Tower Display is one simple piece and is a bright, full color graphic that will be sure to make an impact among your client base. For those who want to highlight their EZ Tube Tower Displays further, optional clamp LED lights are readily available to showcase specific pieces of information or just cast a spotlight on the tower as a whole.

Ideal Exhibitor for the EZ Tube Tower

While any trade show exhibitor can benefit from EZ Tube Tower Displays, there are a few who may have certain tendencies that this product will benefit slightly more than others. Since EZ Tube Tower Displays are a low cost alternative to other tower frame systems out there, those who are looking to maximize their marketing budget will certainly benefit from the cost and quality of EZ Tube Tower Displays. Whether your budget may be a tad lower than you would like, or you are setting up for multiple simultaneous trade shows and are looking to stretch every dollar, EZ Tube Tower Displays can be the tower solution you have been looking for. The portability and simplicity of EZ Tube Tower Displays are also highly sought after benefits to many trade show exhibitors. If you are one who is looking for a tower that can be taken from trade show to trade show while being able to utilize this tower in a wide range of booth spaces, then EZ Tube Tower Displays can easily suit your needs as well.


In short, EZ Tube Tower Displays can provide you with a simple, low cost alternative to fancier tower frame signage options out there. Whether it is the push-pin tube system that makes assembly, quite literally, a snap, or the bright, single piece fabric graphics that simply get pulled over the frame system, EZ Tube Tower Displays can fill that tower niche to complete your trade show booth look and serve to amplify your brand’s image and marketing that much more. If you are interested in learning more about EZ Tube Tower Displays, or are ready to purchase yours today, please reach out to us at 866-398-5938.

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