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Formulate Master Displays

The Formulate Master Display Series is one set of display signage that is most certainly very well deserving of the “master” title. Between all of the features as well as the extras you can use to customize your Formulate Master Display Series signage, the versatility of these displays knows no bounds, and therefore makes the Formulate Master Display Series suitable for any kind of booth space. With the Formulate Master Display Series, you can add TV monitors, shelving, and plenty of other accent pieces to bring your display to life and showcase your company or brand’s truest self. By adding additions to your back wall such as a connector, you can greatly increase the modularity of your displays by having a pair of 10’ back walls become a 20’ back wall, effectively making your Formulate Master Display a stylish and highly advanced exhibit system. The best part is, we have not even begun to scratch the surface when it comes to all of the features of the Formulate Master Display Series!

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The Formulate Master Display Series comes with a very vast plethora of features coveted by many trade show exhibitors. The frame itself is constructed from sturdy 30mm aluminum, complete with push-pin buttons. This system ensures simple and fast set up as well as tear down, and also translates to no need for additional tools or gadgets to put together your display signage in the first place. The frame system as well as the aluminum material used to make the frame itself also lends itself to being highly portable, since the aluminum is light weight. The push-pin buttons, which makes setting up your Formulate Master Displays fast, also means that the signage is collapsible in a handful of minutes for easy transport to and from your next trade show or marketing event. The prints that come with the Formulate Master Display Series are all bright and crisp full color fabric prints that attach to the aforementioned frame by means of tension. Every order of Formulate Master Display Series signage comes included with a hard travel case to help ensure safe and secure transport.

Formulate Master Display Series signage comes in a huge range of shapes and sizes to fit your every want and desire. Whether you want your back wall display to have a vertical curve or a horizontal curve, be single sided or double sided, or even have the choice for additional options to make your booth stand out more, then the Formulate Master Display Series is definitely worth investigating further. These previously mentioned additions you can attach to your Formulate Master Displays are vast in number. They include LED lighting to be used to shine a beacon on certain signage, highlight a section or two of pivotal information, or just to simply set the mood for your booth. Accents allow you to customize your displays even further, while connectors and shelving options serve to add to the versatility and modular nature that is the Formulate Master Display Series.

Customize Your Formulate Display with an Accent or Connector

While customizability as well as modularity was mentioned earlier, the extent to which you can harness these traits in your own Formulate Master Display Series is a force to be reckoned with. Formulate Accents really bring your specific display to life by giving you the choice to add TV monitors, shelving, or even special marketing messages. Each of these accents can work with any Formulate Master Exhibit, so there is no need to worry about compatibility of parts and the like. If you are considering expanding your booth space in the future, then the back wall connector addition for the Formulate Master Display Series is a great incentive to invest in this particular system. This allows you to take your 10’ back walls and turn them into a 20’ back wall without an unbecoming seam hindering the professional image you have worked so hard to perfect. This connector also allows you to add a TV monitor to it and really grab people’s attention with images and/or videos to market your brand or company even more successfully. Finally, side walls as well as ceiling overhangs can also be added to your Formulate Master Displays, giving you features that other trade show booths may not even think of having.

Ideal Exhibitor for Formulate Master Displays:

The Formulate Master Display Series is a perfect fit for those exhibitors who are in the market for a back wall, but are also considered about being able to customize their back wall how they see fit. In this way, the Formulate Master Display Series is a great buy, considering the fact that is truly is a complete modular display system. As mentioned above, the additional functionality of accents, shelving, and TV monitors allows you to utilize all of the available weapons in the marketplace at your disposal to slay the competition. These aspects, coupled with the portability and wide range of booth sizes, make the Formulate Master Display Series a booth system that can easily last for years and have the ability to grow and expand as your business does.


The Formulate Master Display Series works on so many levels, and is a wise investment for those who are looking to make their back walls unique while also having the potential to add more features on as their company or brand continues to grow and expand. With a huge amount of sizes, shapes, and additional features at your disposal, the Formulate Master Display Series is truly worthy of the the “master” title. If you have further inquiries regarding the Formulate Master Display Series or are looking to amplify your booth today, please call us at 866-398-5938.

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