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Formulate Modular Displays

The Formulate Modular Display Series is a newer range of display products we are thrilled to be offering now. The Formulate Modular Display Series boasts a plethora of features you may be familiar with from other display signage systems, but has endless possibilities when it comes to adding extra options such as additional shelving or television and computer monitors to back walls. Full color displays compliment the tension fabric and push-pin tube frames you might be used to from other simple to assemble systems. With how easy assembly and shipping is, the Formulate Modular Display Series can be used at any trade show in virtually any size of booth, making it a wide range of display signage products that are worth taking a look at.

Different Types of Formulate Displays

Within the Formulate Modular Display Series, there are subsections of signage that should be noted. These different series are grouped by type and usability. Below are the four major sets of Formulate Modular Displays as well as the features that make them so unique.

The Formulate Essential Display Series has the same push-pin frame system that you may be used to on other display signage systems. The interlocking tubes do not require the use of any special or unique tools, making assembly and tear down, quite literally, a snap. This frame system is quite popular now, and for good reason. With how quickly it will take you to assemble your signage, you can then focus your attention on other more pressing matters. In addition, push-pin frame systems generally do not need many hands on deck, allowing you as an exhibitor to save money by not feeling required to hire on-site labor or bring additional employees with you to the trade show to aid in the setup process. Back walls within the Formulate Modular Display Series put the adjective “modular” at the forefront by not being confined to traditional shapes. That is, back walls do not just have to be straight anymore, but can be curved either horizontally or vertically if you desire this kind of effect. Curved walls can also give off the illusion that your booth is larger than it truly is, or can serve to amplify the marketing message in the middle of the back wall itself. Having options is the key to trade show success, as multiple choices allows you to customize your booth space to serve your company or brand in the most optimal way imaginable. The Formulate Modular Display Series also comes with new low priced options, so those exhibitors who might be working with a slightly smaller wallet can still reap all the benefits of modular display systems without breaking their marketing budget. The fabric graphics that come with the Formulate Modular Display Series are all full color as well as of the “pillowcase” style. This only serves to exemplify the ease of assembly by using mere tension to set up the fabric graphics. The full color coupled with the tension over the push-pin frame system complement each other quite well to ensure minimal wrinkles and creases in the fabric, allowing your marketing messages to be displayed boldly as well as professionally. Finally, the Formulate Modular Display Series back walls come with a canvas travel bag to allow safe and easy transportation to and from your next trade show, where your modular displays can fit your space with ease as well as style.

The Formulate Master Display Series boasts many, if not all, of it’s above-mentioned kin’s amazing features, but has a few tricks of its own to make it stand out and be worthy of the “master” title. For starters, the tension fabric back walls allow for a multitude of customization options far beyond just being curved in one direction or another. Instead, the Formulate Master Display Series back walls allows for custom standoffs, headers, shelves, and even the option to embed TV monitors in conjunction with the back wall itself. Utilizing new technology within your varied marketing strategies is a must in today’s market, and being able to show off product videos, integral features, or showcase the other unique aspects that make your company or brand worthy in a dynamic fashion on screen and in motion is sure to pique people’s interest at your next trade show. While the Formulate Master Display Series is an excellent customizable display option, it is most optimal for booth spaces that are 10x10’ and 10x20’. As is the case with modular display systems nowadays, the Formulate Master Display Series is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and even boasts a special “s-shaped” curve for their back walls. With the Formulate Master Display Series, you are sure to impress trade show attendees with bonus back wall options such as special shelving and unique TV monitors.

The Formulate Designer Series also offers similar features to both of the above Display Series, but has new and fresh designs to compliment the push-pin frame system as well as the aforementioned features listed. With unique shapes, colors, and accents to highlight your display’s features even more, the Formulate Designer Series is most certainly worth taking a look at. In addition, the Formulate Designer Series is not just great for your standard 10x10’ booth space, but can easily be used in spaces that are 10x20’, 10x30’, or even larger.

Formulate Flip Displays are perfect for those who want to get as much varied information on their back wall display as possible. If you want to have multiple branding messages on your back wall, or just happen to have multiple marketing campaigns happening simultaneously that you are looking to display, then Formulate Flip Displays are your key to getting the most out of your back wall. Formulate Flip Displays are capable of having two separate branding messages on either side of the back wall itself. So all you would need to do is “flip” the back wall around to reveal the other message. This also can keep your booth looking fresh as the trade show ticks on by, or can be used if you want to switch the back wall up for a presentation of some kind. With modular displays such as these, the choice is all yours!


No matter which options you ultimately end up going with and purchasing, the Formulate Modular Display Series can do no wrong. With its highly customizable nature, ease of setup as well as tear down at the end of the day, usage in a variety of different booth spaces and configuration options, it is no wonder that more and more trade show exhibitors have been going down the route of modularity in order to make their trade show booth space amplify and echo the ethos that is their brand or company. If you have additional questions about any of the Formulate Modular Display Series listed above or are ready to take the plunge into the realm of highly customizable display signage and purchase yours today, feel free to reach out to us at 866-398-5938.

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