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Formulate Vibe Displays

Continuing in the tradition of superb display signage, the Formulate Vibe Displays prove the the Formulate series of products are amazingly versatile and high end trade show products. Formulate Vibe Displays find their place in the perfect world of 10x10’ trade show space, as it is in those confines where they can truly shine. Formulate Vibe Displays have both a versatile as well as a unique back wall shape that can allow you to update the front dimension as you see fit while keeping the background the exact same. It is this special feature and more that makes Formulate Vibe Displays a line of products worth investing in.

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Formulate Vibe Displays exude not just the aforementioned aspect of versatility, but cost-effectiveness as well. The second point is done in a variety of ways, one of which is the frame system itself. Formulate Vibe Displays contain the tried and true method of having a frame constructed of high grade aluminum coupled with a push pin connection method. In this way, you are getting both a lightweight as well as a sturdy frame for your signage given the materials used without sacrificing the all-important asset of portability since the aluminum is very lightweight. In terms of the graphic used, it is a full color fabric graphic, so you know your marketing message will be crisp, clear, bright, and eye catching. The graphic is done in the pillowcase style, so all you have to do for set up is slip the graphic over the frame, secure it, and reap the rewards.

However, the cost effective nature of Formulate Vibe Displays does not end there. By being able to update the front portion of the display instead of being forced to purchase a whole new set of signage hardware, you can effectively modify your back wall to change with different trade show audiences or update it as your business continues to grow and thrive. In addition, TV monitor kiosks are also a viable way to amplify your Formulate Vibe Display by utilizing technology to even further promote your company or brand.

Ideal Exhibitor:

While it should be clear the Formulate Vibe Displays can benefit a huge number of trade show exhibitors, there are a few whose situation might truly be made better by this signage system. As previously mentioned, Formulate Vibe Displays can have a TV monitor kiosk added on. If you are an exhibitor who is looking to add a monitor to your display, then a Formulate Vibe Display could be the right fit for you. The TV monitor kiosk is also a great way to blend your back wall. In addition, Formulate Vibe Displays are a great display signage product for those who are in the market for a simple, yet attractive back wall that is extremely cost effective. Formulate Vibe Display’s benefit of being able to update the graphics in the future to suit your business needs is also a big plus.


In short, Formulate Vibe Displays are an excellent cost effective back wall display that gives you a few customizable options as well as room to grow and expand. Whether it’s utilizing the potential for a TV monitor kiosk, or enjoying the freedom to update the front graphic as you see fit, Formulate Vibe Displays are certainly worth considering for your next trade show exhibition. If you have additional questions about Formulate Vibe Displays or are looking to take the plunge and purchase today, please feel free to contact us at 866-398-5938.

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