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Introduction to the TRIGA Display System

In my last post, I wrote about the Differences Between Trade Show Back Walls. The last article pointed out the features of each different frame system and why you might prefer one versus another. In this article, I wanted to talk more in depth about one of those frame systems: The TRIGA Frame System. This is one of our biggest sellers for many reasons.

Born in South Africa, the TRIGA Display System was invented by a couple talented engineers. The beauty of the design comes from it’s simplicity and functionality. No longer were tools required to assemble the frames. No longer, did you have to send your frame back for reprints so it could be fitted properly. It really changed the setup experience for many Exhibitors. It is widely used at not only Trade Shows but also dealerships, retail environments, and many other locations. Here is what makes this system so special:


There are only 4 hardware components + graphic:

  • Feet
  • Uprights
  • Crossbars
  • Graphic Rails
The TRIGA Components

That’s it! The feet attach to the uprights, the crossbars connect to the uprights and the graphic rails snap onto the crossbars. The graphic has a rubber piece along the top and bottom of the graphic that fits into the graphic rails. The tensioners on the crossbars push the bottom & top graphic rails in the opposite direction so your graphic becomes nice and tight. This is the same whether you are constructing a Back Wall, Tower, Counter, Wall Graphic, etc.


No tools required for set up. I recently had a customer where we did a pretty sophisticated enclosed 10x20' room with double-sided printing using the TRIGA system. It has some tricked out elements. They were concerned about setting it up themselves at the show since they didn’t have any experience. They thought about hiring some show-site labor. I explained that they could definitely set it up themselves. They still weren’t quite sure about it, but decided to give it a shot. They knew they had my cell phone if they ran up against any questions. The day they were setting it up was a Saturday and I kept my phone by me in case they had setup questions. My phone never rang. 5 days later after the show, I called to see how everything went. They said ‘Great, it was so easy. Everything just snapped together!’.

Modular, Modular and Modular

Just the word ‘Modular’ is thrown around pretty loosely these days. Many systems talk about it being modular. I consider the TRIGA frame system truly modular. Simply put, you can design a 20x20', 10x20', and 10x10' Booth Space all from the same frame. The walls can be re-configured, made shorter, made longer, heck I’ve even made a wall into a tower and then back again. Granted you need different printed graphics for the different config, but the frame is highly modifiable.

Reconfigure your Booth to your Ever Changing Needs

Consistency & Versatility

Unlike some other systems, the versatility of the TRIGA Frame System allows you to design an entire booth space with different elements like Towers, Back Walls, Counters, etc. This gives your company and brand a consistent look. It ties everything together. Additionally you can have double-sided printed walls, printed Counter Tops, the options are endless.

Add-Ons & Options

Each TRIGA order comes standard with TRIGA Soft Travel Bags that have wheels but many customers opt for the Hard Travel Cases with Wheels so they can be shipped around and protected from damage.

Hard TRIGA Travel Case

Lighting options include LED Clamp Lights which are great for Back Wallsand Towers. There is also an option to have them be Backlit as well. We use Ladder or Edge Lighting.

LED Clamp Light

This is a great option for many Exhibitors who have multiple size booth space or are at a point with their Event Marketing where they are in-between portable displays and customer displays. Have any questions, let us know using the form below!

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