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Printing Materials and Finishes

One of our many specialties here is in Large and Grand Format Printing for a plethora of expansive displays for trade shows. On top of having a variety of options for the display itself (all of which can accommodate your specific needs), the material in which your information gets printed on has significant influence as well. As the number of options on the market has increased dramatically, so too are the kinds of displays and materials that we at Production Prints offer, including vinyl material as well as fabric to print on in order for your signage to truly reflect your specific brand.

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The amount of different kinds of materials to print your signage on can be staggering, to say the least. Here we will not only showcase the kinds of materials themselves, including their pros and cons, but also the kind of display which will aid in making the signage stand out that much more.

Vinyl comes in a couple of different options. Super Flat Vinyl does not have any texture associated with it, and pairs wonderfully with Retractable Banner Stands due to it’s durability. In addition, Super Flat Vinyl, as well as its relative Scrim Vinyl, is an excellent choice when considering outdoor signage since it is indeed waterproof and can withstand the elements. As previously mentioned, Scrim Vinyl is another kind of material to print on, and again, works wonders when utilizing outdoor space. Scrim Vinyl is a solid choice for banners that may not conform to a traditional size, since the material lends itself to customization quite well. When it comes to customization, numerous additions can be tacked on to Scrim Vinyl including grommets for easy hanging as well as stitches and sewing. Prime examples of using Scrim Vinyl would be for large retail banners as well as soccer banners to hang from chain link fences or many other applications.

While many people do not think of fabric as a material in which to print it, it lends itself to a lot of diversity in the kinds of displays it can be paired with due to its flexibility. Since fabric has a decent amount of stretchability, it is perfect for displays such as our SEG Fabric Displays, EZ Tube Displays and Ready Pop Up Displays. In addition, fabric can also be used as a backlit material for new Lightbox Displays. This special kind of fabric has a UV coating applied to it, which really amplifies the glow of the light from behind the fabric itself.

While the above materials are perhaps the most common for many customers, it is worth noting that there are even more options to choose from. PVC material has a wide range of uses from posters to some of our traditional panel Pop Up Displays, which can range in sizes up to a staggering ten feet. As a bonus, PVC material is rollable, but does not come with any kind of laminate. If laminate is a vital concern for your signage, there is the choice to get your marketing materials printed on a Laminated Titanium Material. While boasting the same kind of flexibility to roll it as it’s PVC brethren, laminated titanium material is not only stain resistant but bullet proof as well. Both of these materials can be used in Pop Up Displays, but it is worth noting that the PVC material is in fact less expensive than laminated titanium material. However, if extra durability and stain resistance are factors that you want your material to have, it might be worth paying a little bit extra for that peace of mind.

Finishing Options

Although some of the previously discussed printing materials come with unique customizing options, there are additional choices to finish off your banners and display materials to ensure that it can be utilized within your vision and your specific trade show space. If you already have a good amount of signage for your booth, but want to fill in that section of empty wall space that’s an odd square footage, all of our materials can cut to your specifications. Pole Pockets are another great finishing option for horizontal banners. Instead of having your hanging banner flapping around, a rod can be inserted into the bottom pole pocket on your banner. This weighs it down to help prevent movement. Pole pockets can be utilized in fabric as well as vinyl material.

Fabric has a handful of unique finishing options. Heming the perimeter of your fabric material allows for just a bit more reinforcement along the outer edge. This hem option can also be coupled with grommets; holes reinforced with metal rings around the edge of the banner. Grommets allow for a plethora of display options, but can be paired with zip ties, bungee cords, and more to hang said banner from whatever height you see fit to display your material. Hook and Loop, also known as “velcro”, can be applied to fabric as well. This helps creates a nice image to the viewer as there are not additional items like bungee cords and the like used for fastening the banner to the wall or display. Typically, the “loop” side gets stitched to the fabric while the “hook” side gets put on the wall or display. As you can see, fabric is truly a versatile printing material which boasts a wide range of display options to fit exactly what you may need for your upcoming trade show booth.

Additional Services

On top of the range of options listed above to ensure that your display materials come out looking optimal and lasting a long time, there are even more services we offer to guarantee that your signage matches up with your unique vision. Color matching is one such service we provide, as we can match your PMS Pantone color to our color book to make sure the specific shades and tints you designed in your graphics come out looking just so. For an additional $75, we can offer you a Hard Proof of your job. This involves printing out a small area of your job on the material you requested and mailing it to you directly so you can see for yourself how the material will look and feel. The $75 charge includes shipping as well. While not applicable to all materials listed, a good number of them can be printed double-sided as well. This works well for free-standing Retractable Banner Stands to ensure that all who pass by can see your signage, regardless of the direction they are coming from.


As you can see, we have the technology and knowledge to create your dream signage a reality. Boasting a huge range of materials, finishes, and additional services to ensure your vision is executed to the highest standards, your posters, banners, displays, and other marketing materials can be the talk of the trade show. If you have any specific questions regarding these materials or the services we offer, do not hesitate to contact us via email, chat or call us at 866-398-5938.

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