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Literature Stands for Trade Shows

Bringing pamphlets and brochures with you to trade shows is a great way for customers to walk away with something that explains your brand. They are able to learn more about your company at home, and can truly get a sense of what you represent. Even bringing along sample catalogues is an excellent idea as well. However, keeping this important literature in piles on your counter or tucked away in the cardboard boxes they came in does not do the material any justice. They should be displayed for all to see, especially since you put so much work into making them. Literature stands are a great way for displaying these kinds of paper materials. It puts them front and center for the customer to see, pick up, and peruse at their leisure. On top of cutting down on the tabletop clutter and fixing the issue of having unsightly cardboard boxes around, literature stands are simple to set up, tear down, and are not heavy in the slightest. They are a welcome addition to any exhibitor’s arsenal.

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Literature Stands for Trade Shows and Events

Making sure your literature draws attention to itself is an excellent way to draw in additional consumers. By having a literature stand to show off said work, you are effectively investing in another piece of signage for your booth. However, unlike other signage which can seem costly, literature stands only range in price from $58 for the BW-9 to $258 for the EZ Frost Double Literature Stand (just to name a few), making it some of the least expensive “signage” you may purchase! As previously stated, literature stands are a simple way to set up and are lightweight. In addition, they are also extremely portable and compact so you can maximize your transportation space. If you need to ship these stands, the price will most likely be on the lower end, considering how compact they can be.

Besides trade shows and events, literature stands can also be set up in traditional brick and mortar locations. Real estate offices can justify these by having listing packets or new one-sheets set up at the entrance for new locations on the market. To put it simply, any retail location can benefit from literature stands in one way or another to display promotional materials, coupons, and other paper products important to the business.

Great uses for Literature Stands

Any and all paper products can be used in conjunction with a literature stand. Catalogs that include samples as well as portfolios of past work are a excellent fit for this kind of display. Small flyers and brochures can be grouped together and arranged in the different pockets accordingly for easy storage and distribution. All literature stands fit the standard size of 8 ½ by 11 inch sheets, which includes catalogues as well. A helpful tip to print catalogues in such a manner is to print them on 11 by 17 sheets of paper and have it stapled saddle-stitched, so when completed the 11 by 17 sheet will be folded to be 8 ½ by 11 in size.


Literature stands are excellent addition to any trade show and exhibition booth. The special display not only presents your printed materials proudly and organized, but it eliminates utilizing space on the countertop or having unsavory cardboard boxes lurking nearby. They are compact, easily transportable, and can be used both in booths as well as a wide assortment of retail locations. Get creative and put a literature stand in each corner of the booth, each with different reading materials to get customers walking around and educated about your brand. If you have any further questions regarding the specifics of literature stands, do not hesitate to contact us at 866-398-5938.

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