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Non-Backlit Lumiere Displays

Lumiere Displays come with a variety of benefits that are only elevated by the very popular Silicone Edge Graphics, or SEG, Frame System. On top of being versatile and having bright and vibrant graphics, the Lumiere Displays can also be set up in just minutes. When it comes to display systems to look out for when it comes time to purchase new signage, Lumiere Displays could very well be the solution you are looking for.

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Benefits of Non-Backlit Lumiere Displays

It was previously mentioned how setup and tear down is lightning fast with these Lumiere Displays. Not only is this process as quick as mentioned, but it also does not require a team of people to make this possible. Just a singular person can assemble and disassemble Lumiere Displays within a five to thirty five minute time frame, depending on how large your specific Lumiere Displays is. This is achieved by simply expanding the geometric frame and roll the fabric graphic over the sturdy frame work. This can allow you to save money by not requiring on-site labor to aid you in the booth set up process. With this aforementioned technique, you will also be boasting a graphic that is clean, straight, and with little to no trace of curling or creases. Proper care of your fabric graphic can help guarantee this outcome. Not only is this process simple and hassle free, but it allows you to focus on other aspects of your booth while reducing the overall time to takes to get the entirety of your booth prepped and ready for business. In addition, while Lumiere Displays have all of the benefits of the SEG frame system that you have come to know and love, it also has the depth of an RPL. What this translates into for you as someone who is looking to market your company or brand at events is that more of your message can be displayed by utilizing end cap graphics, which can can be easily added onto all Lumiere Displays. While we are discussing about non-backlit displays, it is important to note that Lumiere Displays can indeed be converted to backlit displays should you desire that for your trade show booth. All you would need to make this a reality is a new graphic as well as lights to create that gentle glow, but it is definitely possible. With this kind of versatility, Lumiere Displays can help create whatever desired effect you want within your trade show booth.

Features of the Non-Backlit Lumiere Displays

While some of the features of Lumiere Displays were previously discussed above, it is worth noting that the list does not stop there. On top of the quick assembly time made possible by the SEG Frame System as well as bright and vibrant full color fabric graphics, Lumiere Displays have a variety of additional features that make them even more of a valuable asset to your line of trade show signage. By using the SEG Frame Graphic Rails, you are ensuring that your fabric graphics will have the cleanest edges as well as the aforementioned lack of curls and/or creases. The famed SEG Frame System echoes the ease of accordion popup frames, which not only makes assemble and tear down simple and effortless but also allows for easy storage as well as affordable shipping, should your trade show travels require it. Lumiere Displays can also be converted into a back wall by combining multiple displays together. Since all of the Lumiere Displays have the capacity to become backlit displays as well, you not only have that option as a standalone display, but also as an option to create a backlit back wall as well. To round off the clean and uniform look that Lumiere Displays have to offer, there are also matching counters in the same Lumiere style, allowing you to get all of the benefits and aesthetics of Lumiere Displays in a counter as well.

Ideal Exhibitor

The ideal exhibitor for Lumiere Displays would definitely be one who is comfortable setting up displays on their own. With how simple the accordion style display is, you will not just be saving valuable time when compared to other displays, but also labor costs and fees as well. If you are a trade show exhibitor who is looking for a versatile display that boasts the crispness of fabric graphics, then Lumiere Displays are right up your alley. With the addition of lights and a reprinted graphic, you can easily turn your Lumiere Displays into a backlit marketing wonder. This can also be extrapolated to make backlit back walls as well.


Lumiere Displays combine the ease and comfort of other SEG-based frame systems and pop ups with that of bright and vibrant fabric graphics to create a display that has a unique set of versatility. The option to backlight your Lumiere Display is one that is most welcome in today’s marketplace, where modularity can serve to amplify your booth space as well as exemplify your specific company or brand’s message. If you have any additional questions about Lumiere Displays, the Silicone Edge Graphics Frame System, or are looking to purchase your Lumiere Display today, do not hesitate to reach out to us at 866-398-5938.

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