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Your Name in the Sky: Outdoor Event Displays

With summer in full swing, it makes sense for your business to take advantage of the sunshine outside. After all, that is where your customers will be. Whether it’s a sidewalk sale, street fair, or just a great day outside, make sure to keep your brand visible to all. Outdoor Event Displays provide you with a highly visible method of ensuring all of the foot traffic in your area knows just who you are and what you’re about. Nowadays, being able to accept credit cards at outdoor events allows you to sit back and let the business come to you!

Popular Outdoor Events Perfect for Marketing

Grand Openings

When finally opening a new business, making your product or service known is crucial especially in the age of the internet. By utilizing outdoor displays, your brick-and-mortar operation can garner all the attention it truly deserves to kick start your profits and help your business flourish.

Company Picnic and Award Events

Having a company picnic or award ceremony in a large park or other outdoor public venue? Need to direct patrons where to go? What’s the schedule of events? Where’s the food? With outdoor event displays, all of that information can be showcased in a professional format that is sure to catch everyone’s eye. In addition, the majority of outdoor signage is water-resistant, UV-resistant, and highly durable, meaning you will not only be getting the best product for your money, but you will be able to reuse your signage for future events!


Music festivals are at the height of their popularity, and for good reason. Great music, great weather, and open air is the perfect formula for a good summer time. What festivals also do is attract hundreds, if not thousands, of people. Outdoor displays guarantee that your business can stand out among the crowd. Try Custom Printed Tents for such an event. Not only will it protect yourself and/or your products from a potential flash rain shower, but it will also be a much-needed source of shade to those in attendance, allowing you to be an oasis from the heat while marketing your brand in the best way possible.

Street Fairs & Farmer's Markets

Gone are the days of small vendor tables with a handwritten sign proclaiming the best organic zucchini in the area. Now, street fairs as well as farmer’s markets are some of the busiest outdoor events, with hundreds of merchants selling their wares. Outdoor displays can make sure patrons see you among the crowd; marketing your brand from afar while pulling the customers in for your to do business with them.

Outdoor Trade Show Demos

When the weather is just right, it only makes sense for business to want to set up outside and showcase their products instead of large rooms inside. Printed Table Covers allow you to not only market your brand or product at such events, but also gives you a perfect surface on which to give demonstrations, put brochures or other literature for your future customers to engage with, and is long enough to allow products to be stored underneath, keeping your space tidy and professional.

Types of Outdoor Event Displays

Custom Printed Canopy Tents are the perfect way to market yourself while beating the summer heat. They come in a variety of sizes including 5 feet, 10 feet, 15 feet, and 20 feet. Made of steel or aluminum, these structures are easily collapsible while simultaneously remaining sturdy against the elements.

Custom Advertising Flag Banners are excellent for advertising outside due to their height and varied shapes. In addition, flag banners are extremely versatile in the sense that you can also use them for indoor events, making sure your company’s image soars above the competition.

Outdoor Banner Stands & Signage can vary in size and material, but all are resistant to the sun and the rain. They can last for a very long time while withstanding the aforementioned conditions. In addition, the sheer assortment of outdoor banner stands and signage makes it so there is always a product that suits your advertising needs.

Tables and Custom Printed Table Covers are also excellent for both outdoor events as well as indoor ones. With tables ranging from 4 feet, 6 feet, 8 feet, and even round tables, these products can fit any space you may have. The covers themselves range in styles from draped to fitted to stretched. All of them can easily have your logo printed on them with ease. Pair a table with a flag banner to create a spectacular space!


While boasting aspects like longevity, customizability, and durability, outdoor event displays truly have it all. While big in size, they are simple to break down and transport from event to event. One could also ship these displays to a new event if need be. In addition, the ease of setting up the displays means you’re not losing any time getting your brand out there and into the public view.

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