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Pop Up Displays

While there are many products within the trade show marketplace referred to as “pop up displays”, there are some that are a little bit more traditional than some of the more modern counterparts. These traditional pop up displays have not been phased out of circulation, and for good reason. While these models have been continually produced for years now, they manage to stand the test of time as well as consumer needs. These kinds of pop up displays are all well built, professionally attractive, and have that “heavy duty” feel that makes them feel more, well, substantial. (read more below...)

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Pop Up Display Benefits

Pop up displays have a wide variety of benefits to them, which is why they are still in such high demand after all of these years. Setup is a breeze with these kinds of pop up displays, only averaging around half an hour to put one together. Once together, these displays look great as they display your brightly colored graphics for everyone to see. While many of the newer fabric pop up displays are produced with cost-effective materials, you are sacrificing a bit of stability for it. If you want a pop up display that will not only hold together well but also last, investing in these types of pop up displays would be your best bet to optimize your marketing budget and get your money’s worth. If you are travelling with your pop up displays to trade shows and find it in your best interest to ship them, pop up displays ships standard with either UPS or FedEx, maximizing that budget even more.

Pop Up Display Features

Pop up displays contain features which have been used by other kinds of displays over the years, but when combined together, makes these kinds of pop up displays a marketing force to be reckoned with. The vast array of sizes and shapes one can find in these types of pop up displays makes it a product that any trade show exhibitor can utilize within their booth for some purpose. Whether it is a tabletop display, 10 foot curved signage, or even a 20 footer, these pop up displays will fill your every need. The graphics for these pop up displays can be printed either single sided or double sided, increasing the usability and customization of these products. The graphics can be laminated or printed on sturdy PVC plastic, ensuring that your brightly colored and eye catching graphics will retain their allure for many trade shows to come. A hard travel case with wheels is included with pop up displays. On top of being a convenient and sturdy way to take your pop up displays with you, it can also be made into a podium for quick and easy display purposes.


Pop up displays have a plethora of additional products one can choose to add on to them to create an even better display, but a few happen to stand out above the rest. Shelf add-ons can turn your pop up displays into a retail outlet quickly. Use these to have even more room to display your products, or have promotional items on them behind a counter so they can be at the ready for excited customers. Extra lighting can also be added on to these pop up displays. Use additional lighting to create the exact kind of ambiance you want for your booth, or utilize lighting specific areas to highlight various sections or special signage within your trade show booth. There are a variety of options for adding on items to pop up displays, but no matter what you choose, it goes to show how customizable pop up displays can be and how they can be utilized in many trade show booths.

Ideal Exhibitor for Pop Up Displays

As previously discussed, pop up displays can be for any kind of trade show exhibitor. However, there are a few who may get slightly better usage out of these kinds of products than other. Pop up displays are great for those exhibitors with 10 foot by 10 foot or 10 foot by 20 foot booth spaces, since they can use pop up displays to maximize their available space. Those who are on a smaller marketing budget will also benefit from the cost of pop up displays. In addition, if you choose to set up signage yourself, whether it is just because of your preference or due to the aforementioned budgetary constraints, pop up displays are the product for you. Since pop up displays are so versatile and have excellent longevity, one can exhibit their pop up displays if they attend only 1 show per year or 20. The heavy duty nature of the pop up displays allow for this kind of varied display pattern. In addition, pop up displays are indeed more heavy duty than fabric displays, so if you are one who desires a product that not just looks great but also has some bulk to it, pop up displays are for you.


Pop up displays have proven themselves time and time again to be a reliable display. If this was not the case, they would not have lasted in the open marketplace and would have been phased out and replaced with a newer kind of signage ages ago. With benefits such as easy set up, low cost to purchase, and excellent craftsmanship to ensure it lasts, pop up displays have stood the test of time even in bouts with the popular fabric displays. If you wish to know more about pop up displays or are curious about ordering them for your upcoming trade show, please do not hesitate to contact us at 866-398-5938.

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