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Premium Retractable Banner Stands

When it comes to retractable banner stands, there is only so many bells and whistles that can be added to the graphics or the hardware. So what exactly gives a retractable banner stand the coveted status of “premium”? Would it be the quality of the materials used to make the retractable banner stand? Extra features? Additional graphical options? These are all perfectly reasonable assumptions, and we will be going into greater detail below in order to answer these questions and more in order to break down what makes “premium retractable banner stands” special and which kind of banner stand could benefit for your trade show booth space the best.


Main Differences Between Premium & Economical Banner Stands

A main question that gets asked all the time by customers revolves around the precise differences between the premium and economical models of retractable banner stands. It should be noted right away that the quality of the banner materials as well as the quality of the printing itself does not change between the premium retractable banner stands and the economical retractable banner stands. No matter which model you ultimately choose, the standards we hold to printing high quality graphics will remain uniform for your retractable banner stand.

There are a handful of features that do separate the premium retractable banner stands from their economical brethren. Premium models such as the Silver Step Banner Stand Series indeed allow for additional options such as the choice to swap out your graphics within the hardware. Other economical retractable banner stands do not have this option to swap out the graphics, since the banners themselves are permanently fixed to the display signage with the use of adhesive. Another aspect that separates the premium retractable banner stands from the economical retractable banner stands is in regards to the hardware itself. Premium models tend to be more stylish as well as built to be more durable than their economical kin. In addition, some premium models even have better travel bags included in the price, giving your retractable banner stand that much more protection from the outside elements and the wear and tear that can come with travel. The list of additional features that bestows the premium retractable banner stands continues, as some unique models can even have small side shelves for even more display options or the space for clamp lighting. The shelves can allow for additional product display space, which is always desired in trade show booths, while the clamp lighting can serve to highlight these products or can be used to shine a spotlight on sections of your retractable banner stand that you want to guarantee your trade show patrons will not miss.


In conclusion, premium retractable banner stands have a plethora of extra features compared to their economical counterparts, pushing them above and beyond what retractable banner stands could do. Premium models boast graphic swapping options, high quality hardware, more sleek and modern hardware designs, and a handful of other extras which are guaranteed to impress both exhibitors and patrons alike. While the print quality and the material quality of the graphic included with the retractable banner stand does not change when upgrading from the economical to the premium tier, the aforementioned bonuses are worth considering when it comes to making a decision on whether to upgrade to the coveted premium model of retractable banner stand. If you want to learn more about what the premium retractable banner stands can do for your booth space, please do not hesitate to contact us at 866-398-5938.

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