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RPL Fabric Pop Ups

RPL Fabric Pop Ups truly embrace the ease of setup that goes with the “pop up” title. However, there is still no sacrifice in quality or size with the RPL Fabric Pop Ups. Although these displays are massive, ranging from 5 square feet to models that are 30 feet wide, they do not require much effort to assemble and create an excellent backwall for your booth. In fact, one person can have a 20 foot wide backwall set up in under 2 minutes with no issues at all (just check out our YouTube Setup Video here). Considered the little brother to Ready Pop Walls, RPL Fabric Pop Ups have a loyal fanbase of users who tend to prefer having a fabric wall display that only takes minutes to set up with minimal effort.

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RPL Pop Up Features & Benefits

The RPL Fabric Pop Ups have a variety of assets which allow it to be a part of any signage collection. As previously mentioned, the setup for RPL Fabric Pop Ups is painless. The graphic is attached to an accordion style frame when taken out of the storage bag. All it takes is to expand the frame, lock the clips in place, attach the endcaps (if applicable), and turn upright. It really is that quick and simple to have an expansive backwall for your exhibition booth. In addition, it does not matter what size booth you have, since RPL Fabric Pop Ups come in a plethora of sizes to fit your specific needs. Smaller booths can utilize the 5 by 5 foot models, while larger booths or booths that are more rectangular can have the larger models, which range in width from 15 feet to a whopping 30 feet. Although large in square footage, this does not impact the setup process, since the graphic itself can easily be kept on the frame while you are storing the signage, which is one less step for you to worry about come show time. If you wish to have a RPL Fabric Pop Ups that is a bit different from the norm, curved backwall options are available as well. Since RPL Fabric Pop Ups are such a breeze to assemble, you can avoid the extra fees and tasks that go into arranging show site labor to do it for you. Not only will RPL Fabric Pop Ups create a backwall that stands out, but saving you money in potential setup and labor costs can go a long way!

Ideal Exhibitor for RPL Pop Ups

While RPL Fabric Pop Ups can suit most exhibitors needs with their wide range of sizes, there are a few exhibitors in particular who would benefit greatly from this kind of signage. If you have different sized booths and various shows, but want uniform signage to display your brand, RPL Fabric Pop Ups are for you. Given the array of sizes, you can have similar backwall graphics at all your shows, no matter the booth size you might have purchased. If you are an exhibitor who is more of a “do it yourself” kind of showgoer, RPL Fabric Pop Ups have your name written all over it. With the ease of setting them up, you can assemble and place RPL Fabric Pop Ups quickly and easily. Given the aforementioned ease of setup, exhibitors who may be on a slightly tighter budget but do not want to compromise dollars for quality will also benefit greatly from RPL Fabric Pop Ups. On top of being reasonably priced for backwalls, not having to hire show labor or bring extra employees to help you in said setup will allow you to spend the funds that would have gone into assembly and setup elsewhere, or save it for your next big show!

RPL Accessories & Optional Add-Ons

While RPL Fabric Pop Ups are impressive as is, there are a variety of different options you can purchase to amplify your RPL Fabric Pop Up and custom tailor it to your specific needs. If keeping your RPL Fabric Pop Up safe and secure while traveling is a main concern, hard travel cases can be purchased (although it should be noted that all RPL Fabric Pop Ups come with soft travel cases by default). Hard travel cases can be purchased for any sized RPL Fabric Pop Up. If you are looking to make your backwall shine just a bit brighter, LED lights are available that are specifically designed for RPL frames. We suggest having 2 LED lights for every 10 foot section of wall. For uniformity, matching counters are also available. Combine your RPL Fabric Pop Up with a Ready Pop Counter to have matching walls and counters that not only stand out in quality, but are equally easy to setup. No matter what you may need for your RPL Fabric Pop Up, the options are readily available for you to have the best product possible.


When it comes to backwalls, they are generally difficult or cumbersome to set up on one’s own given the sheer size of the signage. RPL Fabric Pop Ups break that mold by being an option that allows a single person to potentially set up a backwall all on their own. If you wish to discuss how RPL Fabric Pop Ups or other backwalls could benefit you, or if you have any other questions, feel free to give us a call at 866-398-5938 to go over said options.

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