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The Ultimate Portable Display: The Retractable Banner Stand

Event Marketing has evolved over the years but if there is one true hero that has remained a solid workhorse over the years, it is the Retractable Banner Stand. Also known as ‘Pull Up Banners’ or simply ‘Banner Stands’, these displays are a super affordable way to communicate your marketing message for Trade Shows, Conferences, POS Retail Environments, Airports and more. I’m amazed at how often I see these around in a variety of locations and applications. Please scroll down to read more about all the Features, Benefits and Best Practices of the Ultimate Portable Display: The Banner Stand

There are many benefits to using Retractable Banner Stands. Here is a look at some of the most popular:


At some point you will have a Trade Show or Event that requires that you travel (along with all of your displays :). The biggest advantage to the Retractable Banner Stand is the ability for it to collapse down into a compact case or travel bag for either shipping or transporting to your destination. Check it as baggage on the airplane or slap a FedEx or UPS label on and away it goes!


Banner Stands often give you the biggest BANG for your buck. Prices range from just $128 for an Econo Roll Banner Stand to just $288 for Premium Banner Stand and up. Having a High-Impact, High-Visibility display doesn’t have to break the bank (or budget for that matter).

Types of Banner Stands

These days there are SO many options to chose from which can be a little daunting. No matter your needs, there is a Banner Stand designed for practically any application. Here are the most common types of Pull Up Banners:

Table Top Banner Stands

These are perfect for placing on tables at Shows and Conferences. A great combination is any one of our Printed Table Covers and a Silver Step Table Top Banner Stand. These come in a range of widths (24” , 36”, 48”, and 60” wide) and have an adjustable height from 45” to 54” tall.

Floor Standing Banner Stands

The Banner Stands designed to sit on the floor and extend up are the most common with many options and sizes available. Our most popular Banner Stands are the Econo Roll series and the Silver Step series. The Econo Roll Banner Stands are the ‘economical’ option that provides the cheapest price with the Printed Banner still the same high-quality as all the others. The Silver Step Banner Stand has a high-end base finish available in black or silver and is considered our premium stand while still affordable. The banner is also interchangeable and can be easily swapped with a new banner when it’s time to upgrade your artwork.

Giant Banner Stands

Need to go really tall? How about wide? The Jumbo Retractable Banner Stands take full advantage of height and can extend all the way up to 10ft tall. Now that’s making an impact! In addition to height, some of our banner stands are over-sided and can extend out 6ft wide all the way to a full 8ft wide. Make the most of your space with these Over-Sized Banner Stands.

Banner Stand Murals

Making a full Back Wall by using 3 or 4 Banner Stands placed side-by-side is one of my favorite creative uses for Banner Stands especially at Trade Shows. We have a Mural Kit that works great and makes for an incredibly portable and low cost Back Wall option for Events.

Features & Add-Ons

There are a few features and options that are available for the Banner Stands depending on the size and model. Here are the most popular:

Printed Banner Material

Our Super Flat Banner Vinyl and Retractable Banner Fabric are options on most of the Roll Up Stands. By far the most popular is the Super Flat Vinyl, however fabric is great too especially if other displays in your Booth Space are fabric.


Adding a mini spotlight is a great way to not only lighten up the banner but it is a great way to draw attention to your marketing message. For most of our models we have a Clamp LED Spotlight with plug. Just remember to order electricity for your booth!

Double-Sided Printing

On some select Banner Stands, we have the option to make it Double-Sided Printed. The Silverwing Banner Stand and the Double Step Banner Stand hold two separate banners. These are great for locations that will have foot traffic that go all the way around the Banner Stand.


As you can see, there are many, many options available to Event Marketers and Business Owners alike. And this barely scratches the surface! If you have any other questions, please feel free to Call, Send us a Message above or find us on Chat.

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