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Different Exhibit Frame Types

Portable and Modular Trade Show Displays

As an Exhibitor you know how important it is to have a Trade Show Display system that fits your needs and works with your overall booth strategy. The tricky part is that this strategy seems to change from one show to the next, so understanding the types of Frame options will help to not only plan for your next show but for ALL your shows and maximize not only your display usage but also your budget. With this in mind, please read more below to uncover some of the important considerations to achieve these goals…

Exhibit Budget

I wanted to start with budget since we can look at options with all the bells & whistles, but if we are limited by budget it makes the most sense to focus on what we’re willing to spend now and in the future. One suggestion I make to companies who are limited on budget is to purchase just one main item for their booth now (for example a Back wall) and then revisit other items (like Counters) down the road when their coffers are ready to spend again.

Some great starter Trade Show Exhibits are the EZ Tube Displays (EZ Back Walls, EZ Counters, EZ Towers) that are super affordable and very diverse as far as options (Single or Double-Sided, Lights, Etc) For the medium price range and up, some of the Modular Frames make it easier for planning different size booth spaces. You can do more mixing and matching and even extend on the frame some displays like the TRIGA Back Walls so they can be used for two or more booth sizes (For Example a 10X10’ to a 10X20’).

Tools -vs- Tool-Less Assembly

Let’s face it, if you’re the only one from your company tasked with setting up and dismantling your exhibits, the faster and easier they are to put together, the better. Some frames are completely Tool-Less. Most notably the TRIGA System, while others like the SEG Frame System have the options to use Tool-Less connectors as an upgrade feature. The faster you can assemble your booth display, the faster you can head to the pool for some R&R before the show :)

Ability to Reorder Graphics

Sooner or later you will most likely want to reorder graphics for your display setup. Most options these days make the process pretty straightforward, however if your display is built custom to your specifications, it can be challenging when it comes to reprinting graphics and getting them to fit without physically having the frame shipped back for careful graphic finishing. The more you can stay with standard sizes for Back Walls, Counters, Towers, etc these will have templates already created to nail the correct finishing the first time and every time thereafter.

Trade Show Display Shipping, Freight & Drayage Costs

Every seasoned Exhibitor knows that shipping, freight and drayage costs can add up quick for large and heavy items. As a simple rule of thumb, the lighter and smaller your packages or freight the less in shipping and drayage will cost. For new Exhibitors, drayage is a fee based on the weight of your shipment charged by the show to bring it to your booth space. Some shows will allow the first couple hundred pounds for free and then charge the remaining weight, but it’s important to refer to your Exhibitor’s Manual and with the show to get an accurate estimate.

Overall Look and Feel of Your Exhibit

Last but not least is the importance of selecting a display frame that will compliment your brand and industry. A Truss Exhibit is great for industrial markets like machinery and automotive, but may not be the right fit for skin care or eco-friendly brands. Find one that not only has the functionality you’re after like shelves and lighting, but is also a representation of your brand and store at the show. If having a Backlit Wall captures those lifestyle shots, then chose a SEG Frame System or other option where backlighting can be applied.


I hope this helps raise some awareness of some important items to consider as you plan out your Trade Show Booth strategy. It can seem overwhelming at first, but rest assured we’re always here to help answer questions. Give us a Call, Send Us a Message Above or find us on Chat and we look forward to helping!

Portable and Popup Displays

Popup displays are by far the easiest to assemble and tear down come show time. This style of display features “accordion” style frames that assemble quickly and typically take less than 15 minutes (depending on the size of the display itself). Traditional pop up displays have a wide range of benefits to them. They are incredibly stable frames that survive all sorts of shipping and travel to and from trade shows, which is why they are still in demand even after years of circulation. The wide range of shapes and sizes you can find in these types of pop up displays makes it a product that any trade show exhibitor can use to the fullest within their own booth for any number of purposes.

Fabric pop up displays have a similar setup process to its traditional predecessor, exemplifying the ease of assembly. Consisting of lightweight aluminum frames, they are enforced with both velcro for the fabric itself as well as metal clips to ensure longevity and sturdiness. Fabric pop up displays are great for those exhibitors who might be on a slightly tighter budget, since the cost of fabric displays compared to the above type is indeed less. With a wide range of configurations, you will not be sacrificing much for getting large and bright fabric pop up displays.

Banner stand back wall packages are also available to ensure your message and signage is as large and prominent as can possibly be. These back walls are very customizable as well, and can be used for a wide variety of functions. By arranging back walls strategically, a skillful exhibitor can create special sections within their booth such as changing rooms. Back walls can be combined with add-ons such as additional shelving or lighting to create the precise kind of environment they want for their booth as well.

Modular Trade Show Displays

If you are an exhibitor who wants to mix up your booth configuration from show-to-show or would just like the option to, these modular packages are right within your wheelhouse. While there are some traditional setup arrangements for these packages that are commonly seen at trade shows, the true limit of configurations is only your imagination. Choosing this specific kind of package also ensures that all of your signage will be the same brand, meaning that your counters, towers, back walls, and so forth will all be uniform and exhibit a well-polished, clean, and highly professional atmosphere.

TRIGA displays exhibit a very lean and sleek look that is sure to please those with modern style sensibilities. TRIGA systems boast a completely tool-less design, which will not only save you the hassle of remembering to bring specific assembly tools and parts, but also money on potential labor costs you would incur if you had on-site labor handle the set up. All parts of the TRIGA display system are made of durable aluminum and snap together, and a single person can put together an 8x10’ wall unit together all on their own. This durability is coupled with longevity; some people have been using TRIGA displays for upwards of a decade! TRIGA displays are an investment, but an investment that is worth it, since the hardware will last for numerous shows and the graphics can be reordered if any vital changes occur over the course of your trade show exhibition career. TRIGA packages all come with a 1 year warranty as well.

SEG displays also boast modular design and can benefit any number of trade show exhibitors. What makes SEG different from the TRIGA system above is primarily how the graphics are installed in the display itself. The initials “SEG” stands for ‘Silicone Edge Graphics’. What this translates into is that the graphics that will have all of your company or brand’s information on it is printed on a special kind of fabric that is finished with a silicone perimeter. This silicone can then easily fit inside the grooves of the included aluminum frame. This guarantees a nice, smooth look throughout all of your displays. SEG displays come in the same kind of packages as their TRIGA counterparts and also boast towers, counters as well as back walls.

Package Truss Systems

Truss systems, specifically the Orbital Express Truss, are also modular displays and are just as configurable than both the TRIGA and SEG systems. With numerous parts, the Truss system is one of the most versatile and flexible systems when it comes to creating creative booth set ups. Truss systems echo the fast assembly and tool-less nature of its competitors while having a more “industrial” vibe to its look. Depending on the kind of package you chose, this system can even include low voltage spotlights to really amplify the information you want your audience to see or to just set the right ambiance for your patrons.

Outdoor Display Packages

When marketing events take place outside or the weather is just perfect to advertise your business, there are a wide variety of outdoor display packages as well as products that can fully furnish and aid in this endeavor. Printed flag banners come in a vast array of styles and shapes, and are perfect for festivals, street fairs, demos, and so forth. The movement associated with flag banners will be sure to catch the eye of those passing by. When the customer is brought in by your flag banner or banners, they will be sure to notice your custom printed tent. These tents, while providing much needed relief from the sun depending on the day, are made from sturdy metals and can have your company’s colors and brand’s logo towering within the event. Many exhibitors also pair back walls with their tents to create a more intimate “pop up shop” setting. While made with water resistant UV tent fabric and topped up with a gloss finish to make the material shine and survive the weather, custom tents can also be used at any indoor event as well. While slightly untraditional, doing so will make your booth space stand out from the rest, since you’ll be “the guy with the tent”. At the end of your interactions with your potential customers, you can lead them over to any number of custom outdoor event products. These fun products range from cooler rappz which you can use to market your brand as your gifting your customer with a refreshing beverage, to prize wheels and prize drops where perhaps they can win some small trinkets to take home and show off.

Table Top Display Packages

Table top display packages are excellent for both smaller shows or shows in which there is just not enough space to accommodate large booth signage. These packages are all highly compact and, like all of the packages thus far, come in a variety of different styles and combinations of accessories to tailor suit what you are specifically looking for in a display package. Due to the nature of these packages, the price point is also minimal, ranging from $1100 to only $2700. No matter the kind of package you may end up purchasing, all packages come with a custom printed table cover as well as a literature stand to display brochures, informative articles, or sample portfolios.


It can be tough to narrow down what kind of booth package to go for, especially when there are a plethora of sub options to choose from within each major kind of package. Some aspects to be consider would be what kind of show it is that you will be utilizing these display materials as well as your budgetary constrictions. Regardless of the latter, there will definitely be a package here that will suit your every need. If you have additional questions about these full booth packages or need further assistance in purchasing said packages, do not hesitate to contact us at 866-398-5938.

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