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Silver Step Banner Stands

Displaying your large signage during the trade show is a key component of organizing your booth. While the graphics displayed need to be crisp, clear, and bold, so too should the display which you are utilizing for the signage itself. Silver Step Banner stands are an excellent way to accomplish this task, as they are considered more of a “premium” item. They are widely used as trade shows, conferences, and a plethora of other marketing events due to their sleek and modern style. Below are a few of the aspects that make Silver Step Banner stands so well-received and favored.

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Being stylish is not the only trait that Silver Step Banner stands have going for them. In fact, the amount of customization makes this a product that can be used by all. This stand can display an impressive amount of large banners, with sizes available in 24 inches, 36 inches, 48 inches, and even 60 inches wide. In terms of height, this measurement varies based on the kind of model you need. The floor stand model has a range of 69 inches all the way to 92 inches tall, ensuring that your large displays are as prominent as can be. The tabletop models range from 45 inches to 55 inches. While smaller, this size still allows your coveted brand to be seen from all around your booth. Both models’ heights can be adjusted using a telescoping pole, guaranteeing that your banner will remain taut and displayed to your exact specifications.

A common problem with banners is generally that when information becomes outdated or your company updates its image, the banner needs to be discarded and you must start from scratch. This includes all of the grommets, hemming, and any other additional displaying options embedded in the banner itself. With the Silver Step Banner stand, you are investing in a long term solution for displaying your signage. Since the banner is held in place with velcro on the stand itself, swapping banners in and out of the stand has never been easier. Now, you can update your signage on the fly with minimal effort and at a lower cost, since you will not have to invest in the aforementioned display options time after time. Some banner stands can feel slightly frail, especially with larger graphics. This is not the case for Silver Step Banner stands, all of which have heavy duty bases as well as their own travel bag to make transportation simple and efficient. These banner stands boast additional options should you find that your needs require something a bit extra. Top clamp LED lights are available for this stand, and pairs with it excellently to make your banner shine brighter, while the hardware itself comes in a black or silver finish.


As stated above, the Silver Step Banner stands boast a wide range of customizability, with a key component of this being the ease to swap graphics in and out of the stand. This not only saves time when it comes to setting up the graphic itself, but also puts less strain on your marketing budget, since you do not have to purchase brand new hardware every time you make a new banner. This ease of customization feature is taken a step further with Silver Step Banner stands being available as both floor and tabletop models. When having displays of different styles or colors, it creates a disjointed feeling. By having these two model types displayed, it allows for a sense of uniformity to permeate throughout your booth, which in turn echoes professionalism. If you wish to have your banner printed on different textures and materials, that is more than possible. Printing can be done on fabric as well as vinyl material. Overall, the quality and usability of Silver Step Banner stands knows no bounds. They will look excellent at your next trade show, and the stable structure means they will last for numerous trade shows to come.

Ideal Exhibitor

If you are someone who attends multiple trade shows every year, this is the display product for you. While the Silver Step Banner stand is a bit of an investment, you are getting your money’s worth when it comes to longevity as well as a high quality banner stand.

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