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Looking for Stretch Fabric Pop Up Displays to use at your location or event?

We have options.... LOTS of Options! To help guide you through the seemingly unlimited options, we put together a comparison chart that will help illustrate why you might want to choose one display over another. Some display frames can be Double-Sided Print like the EZ Tubes or the Ready Pops, while others are better for creating Lightboxes or adding Shelving and TV Monitors.

Please click the guide located here to discover the display that will work best for you. As always give us a call or use the Contact Form below to ask a question.

Back Wall Comparison Chart

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Stretch Fabric Pop Ups Overview

Stretch Fabric Pop Up Displays are extremely popular for Trade Shows and Events... and for good reasons! They look great and are very portable. Here is a look at why you may want to consider a fabric pop up for your next show:

Designed to be Portable

These displays are designed specifically to collapse down into a small and manageable travel display. For example, the accordion style frames like the Ready Pop & RPL (video link) spring open easily to expand to the full back wall size. It can be set up with just one person. The EZ Tube frame (video link) is designed to assemble easily using a push-pin portable aluminum frame. Each end is labeled and simply snaps together. Most exhibitors easily ship the displays using standard UPS or FedEx to their hotel or convention center. No freight required! This also helps to avoid high drayage cost (a fee imposed by convention centers based on the weight of your freight).

Bright, Beautiful Branding

The Fabric Graphics are printed in Full Color on our state-of-the-art digital printers (commonly knows as Dye Sublimation). The colors really stand out and allow limitless options for you Graphic Designer to create bright and colorful artwork. Brand your booth space using your Backdrop like a billboard for your company's brand. We can also color match spot colors if you have a particular PMS color that you use for your logo or design. We can also provide a
Hard Proof which is a small size print on the fabric material that we can print before the full size version gets printed. This service is $75 and includes Next Day Air Shipping to you.

Pro Tips

Here are a few tips & suggestions for those considering a Fabric Pop Up Display.

1) For the Ready Pops and RPL's, many Exhibitors like to leave the fabric on the frame during storage since the frame can collapse down with the graphic still on. I recommend taking off the fabric and fold loosely in it's own box during storage to prevent creasing. This will save you some hassle once your next show rolls around.

2) Don't take as a 'check on' on an airplane. The cost to ship regular UPS or FedEx is inexpensive and if your flying to your next show, chances are you already have enough other items that you will be traveling with. Check with your hotel ahead of the show and ask them if it's ok to ship a package to them ahead of your arrival. Chance are it is not a problem.

3) Plan for different Size booth spaces. You may be in the market now, for a Back Wall option for your 10x10' Booth Space, but if you will also be needing another back wall for a future 10x20' Booth Space, then maybe find an option that will work for both sizes. Refer to our comparison chart above to get an idea for which frame types are best to use side-by-side.

Hope this information helps with your selection process. Remember to look at accessories like Lighting and Hard Travel Cases. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us in the form above or call us at (866) 398-5938!

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