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TRIGA Back Wall Displays

TRIGA Back Wall Displays have the right amount of customizability as well as simplicity to make this signage system one you will want to have for trade shows to come. The modular nature of the TRIGA Back Wall Displays allow you to redesign your booth layout to fit your exhibition space, while it’s lack of specialized tools means you can set up new configurations in a short period of time, with little to no stress on your end. (... Scroll Down to Continue Reading)

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Benefits of TRIGA Back Walls

The TRIGA Back Wall Displays come with all of the benefits you have grown to know and love about the TRIGA system in general. The tool-less design means that you won’t have to worry about leaving specific wrenches, pliers, and other bits to assemble signage at your home or office, since it won’t even exist. This also makes assembly, quite literally, a snap. The pieces all snap together easily so losing screws, nuts, and bolts are now a thing of the past. With the TRIGA Back Wall Displays being this easy to setup, you can also expect to save on on-site labor costs, since in theory you can do all the work yourself. This aspect of simplicity within the TRIGA Back Wall Displays is echoed with how easy it is to reorder and apply new graphics. The unique graphic bar of the TRIGA Back Wall Display system holds the graphic in place, but the graphic itself is not bound to the hardware by any means. Hold on to the hardware and update your graphics as your company or brand continues to evolve and thrive. As this natural progression of your business occurs, you may want to add more signage to your booth space. Fortunately, TRIGA Back Wall Displays are only one branch of the ever expanding TRIGA family tree. Mix and match other TRIGA products such as towers and counters to customize your space while keeping a sleek, professional, and uniform look for your trade show space. When it comes to modularity, nothing exemplifies it better than TRIGA display systems. TRIGA Back Wall Displays can be combined into larger, more encompassing walls, or curved and twisted into unique shapes that embody the one of a kind nature of your particular brand.

TRIGA Back Wall Features

The TRIGA Back Wall Displays come with a variety of features that make it stand out as one of the top display systems in the marketplace. The full color fabric graphics will not only stand out, but can also last for numerous shows if taken care of properly. As previously mentioned, the fabric graphics for TRIGA Back Wall Displays are all easily reorderable to evolve as your business evolves. TRIGA Back Wall Displays ensure your company’s graphics will be displayed proudly with it’s patented Tensioning Frame System that guarantees uniform tension across the graphic. When it comes to aforementioned hardware itself, TRIGA Back Wall Displays are incredibly sturdy without sacrificing portability. All of the TRIGA Back Wall Display systems are made in the United States of America, and are constructed with high grade aluminum. This aluminum makes it so your signage will not only stand strong, but is also lightweight which can save you on shipping costs or other transportation fees. To aid in transporting your TRIGA Back Wall Displays, each order comes with a soft travel bag with wheels. If you desire a more protective bag, this can easily be upgraded to a hard travel case which also has wheels built in. TRIGA Back Wall Displays contain a variety of features that can all benefit your signage collection and ultimately make your next trade show booth that much more of an attraction.

The Ideal Exhibitor for TRIGA Back Walls

While TRIGA Back Wall Displays can feasibly work for a wide variety of exhibitors, there are certainly those might benefit more from it’s plethora of features. Given it’s tool-less nature, self setup is a big drive for the TRIGA Back Wall Displays. However, not all trade show exhibitors may want to spend the time put in that kind of work come trade show day. If you are able and willing to invest a bit extra in this signage, then TRIGA Back Wall Displays are definitely for you. Their high quality and longevity means that you can have a back wall display that lasts you a solid five years, or even more with proper care. TRIGA Back Wall Displays, like the rest of its TRIGA brethren, can all come together to create a unique booth space. By adding more and more TRIGA pieces into the fold, you will have a display system that has the capacity to grow as your business does. TRIGA Back Wall Displays are an excellent investment opportunity for both back walls as well as expanding your TRIGA library as a whole.


Overall, TRIGA Back Wall Displays are a solid investment opportunity for both back walls as well as starting your collection of TRIGA signage. It boasts all of the qualities you want in a back wall including portability, sturdiness, and excellent graphics. However, it does not compromise these aforementioned features by being cumbersome and difficult to set up. The TRIGA’s penchant for being tool less lends itself to those exhibitors who are willing to put in the elbow grease during the assembly process pre-show time. If you are looking for a system with longevity, wide versability, and more displays that can easily match the TRIGA style, look no further than this back wall. If you have additional inquires about TRIGA back wall displays, the TRIGA system overall, or want to get started on the ordering process, please do not hesitate to contact us at 866-398-5938.

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