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TRIGA Counter Displays

The TRIGA array of display systems is excellent for any exhibitor looking to expand their signage collection. In particular, TRIGA Counter Displays not only embody all of the coveted benefits and features that you know and love from TRIGA displays, but can on its own as an formidable counter display. All of the parts for TRIGA Counter Displays are constructed in the United States of America from high quality, sturdy materials. (... Scroll Down to Continue Reading)

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Benefits of a TRIGA Counter

Being part of the TRIGA family of products and display signage, the list of benefits for the TRIGA Counter Displays is long and extensive. A primary benefit to choose TRIGA Counter Displays over another brand could easily be for it’s assembly time and ease of doing so. Setting up TRIGA Counter Displays takes only mere minutes with the simplicity you have come to expect from the TRIGA collection. This can save you money as well, since you will not have to rely on on-site labor to assembly your displays. TRIGA Counter Displays works wonderfully in conjunction with the other members of the TRIGA tribe, including back walls and towers. By investing your time and money into TRIGA products, you are creating a unified, matching exhibition display that can be modified to whatever booth specifications you need. TRIGA Counter Displays also come with a five year warranty against any manufacturing defects.

TRIGA Counter Features

The frame for the TRIGA Counter Displays are all made out of a high-grade aluminum. This kind of aluminum serves two functions. First, the quality of the aluminum makes your TRIGA Counter Displays sturdy and long lasting. Secondly, the aluminum is a lightweight material, which serves to greatly enhance its portability. TRIGA Counter Displays can be shipped easily and with less stress and cost due to their aforementioned lightweight quality which will save you on all sorts of shipping costs. When it comes to transporting your TRIGA Counter Display, do not worry. All orders come with a soft travel bag with wheels. If you plan on shipping your TRIGA Counter Displays via UPS or FedEx, upgrading to one of the hard cases might be recommended to ensure the safety of the frame. TRIGA Counter Displays also have a few options in terms of customizability. While the counter will have your coveted full color graphic printed on high quality fabric, the countertop itself can be either a white plexiglass “milkplex” or a black acrylic top. In this way, you are able to further expand upon how unique your TRIGA Counter Display will be to match your company or brand’s specific vision and appearance.

Ideal Exhibitor

While TRIGA Counter Displays can be used by any exhibitor for any sized trade show space, there are a handful of exhibitors that TRIGA Counter Displays may appeal to a bit more. If you are an exhibitor who wants to invest in a long-lasting product with a history of quality and is part of a family of equal quality products, then the TRIGA Counter Displays. Granted, the price tag may be higher than other less expensive portable options, but this translates into quality and longevity. Many exhibitors have had the same TRIGA hardware for five years or more. TRIGA Counter Displays are professional looking counters that are sturdier than other portable counters. In addition, the fabric graphic comes with a warranty as well. The major draw to choosing TRIGA Counter Displays over other counters, however, lies within the TRIGA brand. By being able to mix and match between TRIGA products such as the previously discussed back walls and towers, you are able to have signage that is consistent, modern, and long lasting.


TRIGA Counter Displays are some of the sturdiest counters on the market, and are far from being standard flimsy podiums. Coming from the TRIGA line of signage and display products, you are getting all of the benefits that TRIGA has to offer in your counter display. Whether it is the longevity, quality, ease of assembly, or uniformity you seek, TRIGA Counter Displays have it all. For additional information about TRIGA Counter Displays or to speak with someone about ordering this product, feel free to contact us at 866-398-5938.

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