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TRIGA Booth Packages

TRIGA Booth Packages are a great choice for those companies or organizations who are looking to get into attending trade shows, or if you are familiar with TRIGA Modular Displays and are looking to rebrand your image, then these packages are right for you. These packages contain a plethora of products from the highly decorated TRIGA line of displays. Best of all, TRIGA displays are highly modular, which mean that you can recreate and recombine your TRIGA displays into whatever design you see fit based on the given exhibition space. (... Scroll Down to Continue Reading)

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Benefits of TRIGA Booth Packages

TRIGA Booth Packages come with all of the great aspects you might already know and love from TRIGA. All TRIGA displays are completely tool-less, with all of the parts snapping into one another with ease. What this translates into is quick assembly time without the hassle of hunting for that one special tool to use before or during setup time. As previously mentioned, if you are looking to rebrand, TRIGA Booth Packages could be your solution. By having an entire booth already be the same style of display products, you have already mastered uniformity and that coveted professional look within your exhibition booth space. TRIGA Booth Packages can come with any combination of back walls, display towers, and counters, depending on the kind of package you acquire as well as the booth size you are looking to invest in. Even if you purchase a package strictly for the cost but perhaps want to change the layout of the displays, fear not. TRIGA Booth Packages, as with all TRIGA products, are 100% modular and can be customized as you see fit. With TRIGA Booth Packages, you truly are able to make your booth space your own and exemplify the unique factors of your company or brand.

TRIGA Package Features

TRIGA Booth Packages come in a variety of different options based on what kind of booth size you are primarily looking into investing in. TRIGA Booth Packages can come in 10x10 square feet, 10x20 square feet, 20x20 square feet, and 20x30 square feet primarily. However, with how modular TRIGA Booth Packages can be, you can theoretically make any booth size work with your TRIGA display materials. On top of these square footage options, there also sub-choices you can choose from within the selected square footage options. For example, within the 10x10 TRIGA Booth Package section, one can choose from a back wall and one larger counter, or divide the larger counter into two smaller podium-like counters. The choices are all up to you to optimize your booth’ space and image as you see fit. TRIGA Booth Packages all feature the decorated tool-less system that is well known throughout the TRIGA family, featuring pieces that pop into one another with ease. This cuts down on setup as well as tear down times so you can focus your attention onto more pressing matters. Graphics for any of the displays within your TRIGA Booth Package are simple to reorder as well, allowing you to customize your message to your specific trade show region’s audience or to simply update information or rebrand.

Ideal Exhibitor

As previously mentioned, TRIGA Booth Packages are an excellent choice for those who are looking to break into the trade show arena. The TRIGA Booth Packages come with all of the necessary pieces you need to exhibit a successful trade show booth. If you have display hardware that is wearing down, looks out of date, or you just desire a fresh and modern look, then these packages could be the solution to all of those aforementioned problems. While TRIGA Booth Packages require a medium sized investment, it is one that can benefit your company in the long run. So while these packages require a larger upfront cost, they will pay for themselves for many years to come. To this end, TRIGA Booth Packages also benefit those exhibitors who attend trade shows at least three or four times a year, if not more.


TRIGA Booth Packages are a solid investment for those who are new to the world of trade show exhibitions and looking to hit the ground running as well as those who are seasoned veterans looking to revamp their exhibition booth space. Boasting key aspects like versatility, longevity, portability, and more, TRIGA Booth Packages can suit a variety of trade show attendees needs. If you are looking to get started on ordering a TRIGA Booth Package or have some more questions you wish to have answered, feel free to contact us at 866-398-5938.

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