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TRIGA Tower Displays

TRIGA Tower Displays can elevate your brand to new heights in terms of marketing. These monumental pillars are above the competition in a variety of ways by being both simple to assemble as well as incredibly sturdy. As with all products within the TRIGA line, TRIGA Tower Displays are made in the United States of America. (... Scroll Down to Continue Reading)

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Benefits of TRIGA Towers

TRIGA Tower Displays come with a plethora of benefits that one would expect from such a highly renowned series of products like TRIGA. Primarily, TRIGA Tower Displays boast tool-less components. Not only will this cut down on your assembly time before the trade show starts, but it will also slash the effort needed to assemble the tower. With TRIGA Tower Displays, you no longer have to fork over more money to have on-site labor help you assemble your display components if you are opposed to the idea. Cutting out non-value adding costs is always a good idea. In addition to saving money in the manner, you can also use TRIGA Tower Displays instead of a trade show hanging sign to obtain a similar effect. TRIGA Tower Displays are usually smaller than trade show hanging signs, and coordinating with the on-site labor crew to install your hanging sign can sometimes be a hassle. Reordering graphics has also become easier with TRIGA Tower Displays. Obtaining new or updated graphics to display in your TRIGA tower hardware is simple and affordable. If you already have TRIGA products, such as counters of back walls, then purchasing TRIGA Tower Displays to add to the uniformity of your booth is a simple decision. The professionally modern look of TRIGA displays echoes with success.

TRIGA Tower Display Features

As previously discussed, TRIGA Tower Displays boast a completely tool-less assembly style. What this translates into for those who may be unfamiliar with the TRIGA system is that all of the pieces snap together with ease. Assembly of TRIGA Tower Displays can only take mere minutes, and you no longer have to worry about leaving that one special tool at your office or warehouse. The design of TRIGA Tower Displays echoes that of its TRIGA kin by having the same patented tension system that ensures all graphics within the hardware are even across the board. This serves to guarantee that your full color fabric graphics retain the professional, crisp look as when they were first ordered, even years after the fact if properly cared for. When it comes to care, TRIGA Tower Displays come with a five year hardware warranty in case anything should happen to your TRIGA Tower Display along its eventful journey. TRIGA Tower Displays are made with an aluminum frame, which has a variety of pluses. While sturdy enough to display your large graphics with ease, the metal is also very lightweight and lends itself to being extremely portable. TRIGA Tower Displays can easily be shipped standard with either UPS or FedEx.

Ideal Exhibitor

While most exhibitors can benefit from having a TRIGA Tower Display in their ranks, or any of display products from the TRIGA family for that matter, some exhibitors may find that there are benefits beyond the obvious. If you are part of a company that wants a very high impact display that can be used constantly throughout the seasons at all trade shows and conventions, then TRIGA Tower Displays are most certainly for you. If you are an exhibitor who has already experienced all that the TRIGA line has to offer and are looking to add another product to your marketing arsenal, then TRIGA Tower Displays can easily fill that niche as a giant within your booth. For those who are simply looking for a high impact tower display that has all of the effects without all the hassle of setting it up, then TRIGA Tower Displays fast and easy tool-less assembly is also for you.


Overall, TRIGA Tower Displays contain the impact of display towers you have come to know without all of the hassle of assembly or weight of the hardware itself. When paired with other TRIGA products, TRIGA Tower Displays are only that much better in your booth. If you have additional questions about TRIGA Tower Displays, TRIGA products, or are looking to start the process on ordering your own TRIGA Tower Display, please contact us at 866-398-5938.

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