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Trade Show Counters: Your Booth’s Centerpiece


Think of a Trade Show Counter as your booth’s centerpiece. It’s where customers will instinctively end up, whether they’re looking to learn more, ask questions, or sign up for your latest deal. Showing off your brand with a well-made Trade Show Counter really is an essential step to creating a good first impression, which is why we take pride in every counter we build

Scroll on to find out more about the benefits, types, and features of Trade Show Counters.


Builds Professionalism

Imagine a Trade Show: how often does a client walk straight up to a salesperson? Almost never, and that’s thanks to functional display units like Trade Show Counters, which form the basic structure of a booth by dividing it up and adding much-needed counterspace. This is why Trade Show Counters make your brand seem much more trustworthy and professional.

Easy to assemble and transport

All of our Trade Show Counters are either pre-assembled or might as well be, with how easy they are. Units that require assembly can be snapped together using minimal tools, alone or with the help of a friend. Also, our Trade Show Counters’ blocky shape allows for painless transport.

Storage Space

It’s that same that blocky shape which allows these Trade Show Counters to double as storage cabinets, which you can use for easy access to your store catalogs, promotional products, or personal belongings. This means that you can focus all of your efforts on helping a prospect client, without ever having to turn your back on them.

Functional Countertop

One of the most obvious benefits of Trade Show Counters is how they act as a functional countertop. This means that you can rest a display, interactive device, or sample product in your booth without having to worry about complicated mounting or a lack of accessibility.


Here at Production Prints, we offer just short of a dozen different styles for Trade Show Counters, including:

Push Pin Counters

Push Pin Counters, such as our EZ Tube Counters, offer a simple yet effective frame design. They’re completely toolless to assemble, instead using snap-in pins to connect the lightweight aluminium frame. Fabric Graphics can then be slipped over just like a pillowcase, giving a snug and elegant look.

Expanding Counters

Expanding Counters, such as our Gopher Counters, use hydraulic shocks to expand and collapse with just a push or pull. These counters are covered with the dyed fabric artwork of your choice, and come together with a light case for easy transport.

Accordion Style Counters

Accordion Style Counters, such as our Hop Up Counters, use the same design as our Ready Pop Back Walls allowing for them to be assembled and collapsed with just a few quick movements. Also included is an internal shelf, which will allow for storage right out of the box.

SEG Counters

SEG Counters are a tried-and-tested solution to the Trade Show Counter. They’re a little more complicated -- requiring tooled assembly -- but they’re also the most customizable and can be built to your specifications. The SEG Counter is also a great frame system to be made backlit!

Customization Options

Let’s take you through the four options to consider when it comes to customizing your trade show counter:

Size and Shape

Our counters start as small as a 24” by 24” square and go up to 72” long. As long as you’re flexible with which style you pick, possible shapes include squares, rectangles, circles, ovals, S-shapes, and a few others. You can even combine multiple counters to make a larger, extra-impressive counter.


Some of our counters come with the possibility of backlighting, allowing you to combine the best of a Lightbox with the best of a Trade Show Counter. Don’t worry, these are equally easy to assemble!

Internal Shelves

Some of our counters come with a built-in internal shelf (or multiple) or have the option of adding one. The SEG Counter and Hop Up Counter are just a couple examples of this.

Locking Doors

Our SEG Counters also offer the possibility of adding a locking door, which you can use to store valuables at your booth as and when you please.


There’s no wonder that Trade Show Counters are so popular! They’re incredibly easy to assemble and automatically add structure to your booth. Couple that with an accessible countertop and instant storage, and does your display really need much more? If you have any questions, please feel to send us a message, find us on chat or give us a call!

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