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Trade Show Towers: Your Brand Up High


What better way to get your brand noticed than with a tall tower that’ll be seen from all corners of the show? Trade Show Towers are our favorite budget-friendly solution to helping customers find your booth space. They’re affordable, portable, and eye-catching -- not to mention the huge number of customization options! (Scroll Down to Learn more about the Benefits and Types of Trade Show Towers…)

Benefits of Trade Show Towers

The best way to get your brand up high

The most obvious solution to getting your booth seen is with a Trade Show Hanging Sign in my opinion, but it’s not always the best one. Not only do our Trade Show Towers cost a fraction of the upfront price, you’ll also avoid the serious, recurring fees that convention centers charge for rigging up ceiling hanging signs. And with the possibility of building towers up to 16ft high, you certainly won’t be missing out.

Avoid show-site labor

Trade Show Towers aren’t just low-cost upfront, but also in terms of labor. As mentioned, you won’t have to pay any hefty charges for having them rigged to the ceiling, and you certainly won’t have to worry about the labor of setting them up -- all of our Towers can be assembled and put up with 2 people or less. Just make sure that if you are tilting yours up to get plenty of help.

Buy once, zero cost thereafter

Trade Show Towers are great because you’ll only ever need to pay for them once. There are no hidden setup costs, they won’t get damaged easily, and they can be constructed and dismantled to take with you wherever you need, without any expensive logistics companies. If you order a Lightbox Tower, you’ll also get an extra lighting panel included just in case.

Small footprint in your booth

These Trade Show Towers are effective in every way -- even space-effective! By making use of your booth’s vertical space, you can maximize the useful footprint of your booth. This means more space for customers, displays, and whatever else you might have planned.

Cross-purpose storage

What’s more, many of our Trade Show Towers are completely hollow inside. In addition to making them lightweight and easy to deal with, this means that you can repurpose the inside of your tower to act as storage for props, samples, and more -- all that needs adding is a door!

Types of Trade Show Towers

Here at Production Prints, we build four different types of tower. Whatever your needs are, you’ll be sure to find something suitable:

EZ Towers

EZ towers are our basic solution to trade show towers. They come as either a circular pillar or square-based tower, in one of two different sizes. These towers feature an aluminum push-pin frame, which means that the lightweight tubes can be snapped together for easy assembly by as few as one person.

Lumiere Towers

Our Lumiere Towers, or “walls” as we sometimes classify them, are also a fantastic solution to Show Towers and are available in both Non-Backlit and Backlit. They combine an easy pop-up style frame with all the finesse of a SEG finish (Silicone Edge Graphic). To add to that, they can be backlit with minimal effort, drawing even more attention to your brand.

SEG Framed Towers

These Trade Show Towers use a SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics) finish to create a clean, rectangular-based tower. The SEG Towers are also available in Backlit or Non-Backlit. With a huge number of customization options, you can pick the perfect size for your tower, choose whether or not to add backlighting, and color every inch of the fabric.

TRIGA Framed Towers

Our TRIGA Towers come with a modular frame in dozens of shapes and sizes. You can pick between a square, circle, or even hexagon base (and many more), and still have a completely tool-less assembly process. They’re made in the USA, too with an extremely robust, yet lightweight aluminum frame. TRIGA Frames will last for years and years.

Tower Features

Portable, modular frames

All of our towers come with portable and modular frames. This means that they’re easy to transport, and even easier to assemble -- if not enjoyable

Fabric graphics

We cover our Towers top to bottom in a high-finish fabric. With every color of the rainbow at your disposal, these towers are sure to make your branding look stronger than ever.

Backlighting (SEG and Lumiere)

On our Lumiere and SEG-framed Towers, we offer the option of backlighting your display. This means that -- if you want to -- you can turn your already-stylish tower into a sleek lightbox.

Other add-ons

Our Towers are sturdy and easy to work with, which makes them great for any other add-ons you could wish for. This means that you can install anything from TV displays to doors, allowing you to play videos/presentations or cross-purpose your tower as storage.


There’s no doubt about it, Trade Show Towers are one of the best ways to get yourself seen at any convention. They’re low-cost, highly customizable, and will draw plenty of attention with vibrant colors and the optional backlighting. As a one-time solution to improving your booth, you certainly won’t be disappointed with a Trade Show Tower. Feel free to Call, Chat or send us a message through our Contact Form above. Thank you!

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