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Wallbox Fabric Displays

Customizability can be a key feature to have when it comes to signage. Being able to utilize displays quickly as well as easily with minimal hassle and set up are all traits that exhibitors love to have when it comes to new signage. Wallbox fabric displays contain all of the above and then some. Wallbox fabric displays are an excellent option for trade show exhibitors to use when they want signage that is both mighty as well as portable. Think of wallbox fabric displays as a giant billboard that you can utilize as a back wall. When set up vertically with the right graphic attached, wallbox fabric displays can used as tower instead of a backwall to suit your booth’s specific needs. Wallbox fabric displays come equipped with a variety of features that will benefit your next trade show exhibition booth. (Scroll down to continue reading more…)

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Benefits of Wallbox Fabric Displays

Wallbox fabric displays can easily benefit most trade show exhibitors and complement their current collection of signage. Most of the benefits of wallbox fabric displays derive from the sheer size of the display itself. As such, these immense wallbox fabric displays, being a whopping 20 feet wide and up to 15 feet in height, can easily serve as a dedicated backwall to most traditional trade show booths. In addition, it is not just one side that you can utilize to displays your large graphics. Wallbox fabric displays can have printed graphics on the front as well as back side, and even on all four sides when choosing the double-sided print option! While the size of these displays may seem imposing at first and can lead you to believe setting up these monster back walls would be complicated and time consuming, these wallbox fabric displays actually require no additional tools at all. Using push button snap locks, the tube framework interlocks together to create a simple yet sturdy structure. The fabric graphic itself gets wrapped around the entirety of the frame, ensuring a seamless as well as a professional look. Since the fabric printed graphic is separate, creating new and updated graphics to use with the display is simple to produce and swap in and out to reflect the growth and changes of your unique company or brand.

Features of Wallbox Fabric Displays

When looking for massive displays that loom over the competition and can be seen by all trade show attendees around, obtaining wallbox fabric displays is the correct course of action. Boasting a potential length of 20 feet and a staggering height of 15 feet, wallbox fabric displays are tough to match in terms of sheer size. The fabric graphics that accompany the displays are crisp, clean, and can be swapped in and out simply. The aforementioned push pin frame requires little effort, although it might be beneficial to have a friend or employee aid you in the setup process, given the ample size of these wallbox fabric displays. Despite not needing additional tools to assemble the display itself, wallbox fabric displays are still sturdy displays in their own right. This sturdy feature couples excellently with the size of these displays, since they are quintessential displays for both backwalls as well as towers (when erected vertically). Having a double-sided fabric graphic on hand can aid in utilizing your wallbox fabric display as you see fit. Finally, the push-pin frame system lends itself to be extremely portable, and again requires little effort to disassemble and store away. Wallbox fabric displays can even be used as temporary walls to create office space or designated storage areas when not in use at trade show exhibitions.

Ideal Exhibitors for Wallbox Fabric Displays

The ideal candidate for someone who can maximize the usage of a wallbox fabric display would be one who is comfortable with setting up signage themselves. The lack of special tools used to assemble wallbox fabric displays lends itself to this aspect greatly, but putting together the display alone can seem like an arduous task when taking the massive size of the display into effect. However, exhibitors who put in the time will find themselves with a substantial back wall that can last them for many trade shows to come.


Wallbox fabric displays are an excellent option to have massive signage accompany the necessary space for a back wall. The sheer size of the graphics used on the back wall will guarantee visibility to all who glance at it, ensuring that your company or brand’s message will come across exactly as you see fit.

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