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WaveLight Backlit Displays

Lightbox displays have only become more and more popular in recent years. Numerous trade show exhibitors utilize this kind of signage to great effect, and many have found success in having their marketing messages portrayed on these eye-catching backlit displays. WaveLight Backlit Displays are some of the newest additions to our backlit display family, and provide yet another stellar option for those looking to purchase backlit displays.

Features of WaveLight Backlit Displays:

With so many different kinds of backlit displays on the market today, it may seem like there are just too many lightbox options out there for you to choose from. WaveLight Backlit Displays have a variety of features that separates them from the pack. The push-pin frame system that has made these kinds of displays so popular in the past makes yet another appearance in these WaveLight Displays. The lightweight aluminum that makes up the frame makes setup, tear down, and transportation incredibly easy. Transportation is made even more easy with the soft or hard travel cases that one can store their WaveLight Backlit Display in. However, WaveLight Backlit Displays take this standard frame system and push it one step further. WaveLight Backlit Displays are some of the thinnest kinds of this push-pin system, with an aluminum pipe profile of only two inches. This means that your lightbox will be able to display your marketing message boldly as well as take up less room on your trade show booth floor.

The fabric graphic that comes with your WaveLight Backlit Display has numerous unique benefits as well. On top of being a full color dye sublimation backlit graphic, WaveLight fabric graphics guarantees a snug fit around the frame and lights while being wrinkle-resistant. This snugness is crucial for a smooth finish throughout your graphic. The zipper used to create this tension also provides quick entry to the lights and power cables should you need to access them for any reason. When it comes to these lights and cables, WaveLight Backlit Displays come with LED ladder lights and a transformer.

Benefits of WaveLight Backlit Displays

WaveLight Backlit Displays come with all the benefits you would expect from a backlit display with an aluminum push-pin frame system. Set up is incredibly quick at a mere 15 minutes, and the aforementioned lightweight aluminum coupled with the option of different travel cases means that your WaveLight Backlit Display is super portable and can be shipped from one show to another with no hassle at all. The backlit fabric looks amazingly bright and beautiful once the lights are turned on, letting your marketing message shine through the crowd and catch the eye. The graphic itself is also easy to update as your company or brand continues to grow in the future. WaveLight Backlit Displays come in a variety of sizes ranging from 3 feet to 10 feet, and are able to be mixed and matched to suit your needs and work within whatever booth space you may be currently occupying at your next show. In short, WaveLight Backlit Displays can easily fit into your trade show display collection and serve you well as a dependable lightbox display.

Ideal Exhibitor for WaveLight Displays

While WaveLight Backlit Displays can be a true benefit to a variety of trade show exhibitors, there are a few who might find that this brand of backlit displays contain even more benefits for them specifically. If you are an Event Marketer looking for a colorful and bright lightbox that can be used for your wide assortment of events such as trade shows, conferences, and even retail locations, then WaveLight Backlit Displays are the product to look into further. In addition, companies looking for a super portable display option that can give them the freedom to take their display on their road or ship it to the plethora of events they may have planned will also find that the WaveLight Backlit Display series is a perfect fit that can suit their very needs.


WaveLight Backlit Displays have all the benefits of your standard lightbox display with the added bonuses of being lighter, thinner, and therefore more transportable. The variety of sizes WaveLight Backlit Displays come in ensures that this product can find a spot within your booth space. If you have additional questions about WaveLight Backlit Displays or are looking to purchase them for your next show today, feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience at 866-398-5938.

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